WWYD? Special Mother / Daughter trip

Can’t decide what to do. For DD’s 13 bday we are giving her a special mother / daughter trip. We are going to be at wdw for thanksgiving week. Looking at a spring bday trip. I’d love to just upgrade nov tickets to AP. But of course she gets to pick. :). We have looked into disney cruise. I like that it is all expenses in one price. Where if we look into NYC - I think it’d be more $$ by the time we add room, food and activities. Obviously there are lots of diff pros and cons. Would love any and all input!!

All sound awesome, but like you said, she gets to pick. :slight_smile: i would suggest setting an amount you are willing to pay, and use that for all trips. You don’t have to break the bank to have plenty of fun in NYC. :slight_smile:

I took my daughter to Disney this summer for a mother/daughter trip. She had just turned 14. It was easily one of the best things I have ever done. We had a fantastic time and I think it will always be a really special thing for us.

If you are venturing outside of Disney, I would recommend still putting the time into detailed plans like you would if you were going to Disney. Even though Disney is work to plan, there is so much information. Make sure you do your research before you go anywhere. It is not fun to stand on a street corner, especially in a place like NYC, and have no clue where to have dinner.

No matter what she chooses, the most important thing is that you are spending this time together. It will be so special. Enjoy!

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thanks for input. after planning our thanksgiving trip for so many months… i am kinda planned out!! i am definitely looking forward to the special time. i like the perceived simplicity of the disney cruise in that i don’t have to figure out as much as if i were to start from scratch with the NYC trip.

No matter what you decide I hope you have a grand time and create a unique bonding experience @mommy_o!!