WWYD? pontoon on 7 seas or Day Cruise Around the World?

Hi Liners,

Looking for some subjective opinions and objective facts. I have a party of 10. What would you choose to do?

  1. Rent a pontoon for about 1 hour (~$90) and cruise 7 seas lagoon

  2. Book Day Cruise Around the World. 10 ppl + snacks, cruise around world showcase with captain.(~$149)

Any thoughts?

Also, if if opt for 7 seas lagoon, where should I rent from? CR? Poly? FW? GF?

Follow on…

what kind of drinks/snacks are on the Day Cruise around world?

I’ve never done either one but I’d take the world showcase one for sure!

How long is the Epcot one? The Disney site doesn’t say.

I read a review from last year that said 90 minutes. Twice around world showcase with stops to tell you stuff about each country.

Anybody else want to chime in?