WWYD - need help with plans - ADR day tomorrow!

I need opinions about my plan. ADR day is tomorrow and we won’t be getting a ton but I would like to login and try to get a few. First some information about my trip:
Myself and DD8. Arrive MCO on a Thursday around 9:30am. Fly back home on the following Monday around 4:50pm. Staying at POP without a car. No dining plan daughter eats like a bird anyway and is very picky. Was going to attempt to get EMM at both MK and HS but it’s looking like that might not happen as the 2 preceding Sundays are not currently offered at MK and well you know GE at HS might get in the way of that one. So any who my original plan was this.

Thurs - Epcot either in Afternoon or evening
Friday- EMH MK, then hop to Epcot after lunch (or rest, pool then Epcot in the evening) Also a party day at MK
Sat- BB, then hop to AK for the evening after resting
Sunday - MK EMM - finish up whatever else we wanted to do again, etc then hop to AK again after some rest time at Pop
Monday - EMM HS - leave to return to Pop for DME around 1.

New plan given no EMM -
Thursday - MK late afternoon, evening (maybe dessert party) Frontierland, Adventureland, liberty square
Friday - EMH MK Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, hop to ?
Sat - BB, then hop to ?
Sunday - Epcot, PPO GG, then hop to ?
Monday - hopefully get a Slinky FPP and rope drop TSMM.

We would like to be able to ride Slinky at night, so one of the question marks may need to be HS and maybe get in line right at close or during fireworks.

What are your thoughts. We don’t need to do Space, Splash, FOP, EE,TofT, RNR or (Barnstormer, LOL)

Was thinking of getting ADR’s for the following:
GG bfast, BOG (lunch, not really interested in bfast), Plaza maybe? Yak and Yeti maybe?

Anybody? Bueller?

I like your plan, especially with the rests you have in there. Seems very laid back. As for the ADRs, I’ve not ever been to any of your choices. (Well, we did do BoG for dinner before it became a fixed price).

If you want to see SDD at night, then you’d need to park hop before Monday. It wouldn’t really be a park hop from BB to HS, as that’s a water park. Do you have five-Day tickets?

Yes we have 5 day park hopers. We may try to get over to HS after an Epcot afternoon/early evening to see TSL at night.