WWYD - MK first day & MVMCP with 2 yr old?

My daughter and I are tagging along with my husband to Orlando in late November while he attends a convention. Originally I had intended that on my DD and I’s first full day in Orlando, we would take it easy since it will be the last day of my husband’s convention and he’ll be out of pocket for most of the day.

My original plan was to have a late breakfast with my DD at Cape May Cafe and then hang out at the hotel until 3 or so, when we would meet DH and head over to MVMCP.

With the crowd level at MK predicted to be a 3 that day, now I’m wondering if I should just head over to MK with DD by myself for the day. We are planning to go back to MK on the last day of our trip, but it’s a 7 crowd prediction that day.

WWYD? My original plan was to ease into it, I’m in early stages of pregnancy, traveling by ourselves the day prior will be tiring, we live in Southern California, so have done DL, therefore, MK is not new to us (but still magical).

I just feel like I need to take advantage of the low crowds!

I would do what’s best for your family and always plan for 7/8 crowds. The crowds have been much larger than anticipated so I would not change plans based on a crowd calendar- yup- I said it :wink:

How late would your DD stay awake? If bedtime is before 9, I don’t know that the cost of party tickets would be worth it.

IMHO there is no way is a 2 year old going to make it through a day in the park (partial or otherwise) followed by MVMCP. Based on my experiences with MVMCP and young kids, if you want to have any hope of making it past the fireworks with a kid that age, your ‘touring plan’ that day should be to have her take a long nap before the party. My advice is to skip one or the other.

Many adults (as well as families with small children) leave MVMCP after the fireworks because they are too exhausted after a day in the park to finish out the party, and- speaking selfishly- I am grateful for those people that ‘bite off more than they can chew’ because we have a nice, quiet, magical park to explore after the second parade. Just keeping it real :smile: I agree with a PP about bedtimes as well- you need to determine if the cost of a MVMCP ticket will be worth it or not- because in the end you have to do what is best for you and your family regardless of our opinions on the matter.

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Thanks all! We’ll be traveling from the west coast so we’ll already be three hours behind plus we have a DD with a late bedtime of 9 pm PST. So I’m not too worried about the party itself. But it does sound like it is too much to squeeze in a day at the park as well, even if we take it slow and easy. Thanks again!

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