WWYD - Kidani Village or OKW 1 bedroom villa?

Considering a 1 bedroom at OKW, or a 1 bedroom at Kidani village (only standard views are available).
Price different between the two is about $450. We have three kids (8, 6, 5), and are planning on spending some down time at the resort, for sure.

Feel like I’m going crazy over here, keep changing my mind on where we should stay for our September trip. Not sure if Kidani is worth almost $500 more than OKW (especially with the newly renovated rooms over there). We will have a car as we are driving down from GA. Just wanted to see if anyone had perhaps stayed at both (or even 1!) with kids and had any input or suggestions :blush:

Kidani will have 2 bathrooms and a sleeper chair as well as the pull out bed. And animals! And lots of activities to do through the day.

The pool and splash pad are great, even has a Savannah next to it. The community hall is where they do the movie nights. The shop has grab and go items, Sanaa does a QS breakfast which you can either take with you or eat there. And the outlook area is right outside. And the parking is under the resort, so you can park near the elevator nearest to your room (Rafiki is one block from the lobby and the elevator is right by a back gate to the pool and savannah).

Jambo is a 10 minute walk away, with a lot of activities going on. And the main QS.


I love Kidani!! We stay there more than any other DVC location (and it’s not our home resort). Now I haven’t stayed at OKW since the renovation though.
@Nicky_S makes a really good point about there being two bathrooms in the one bedroom at Kidani–I think that is a huge plus. And the pool is awesome. And the resort is just relaxing.


I’ve stayed in both and AKL is far, far better. But I do get to stay on my DVC points (and AKL is our home resort) so I do think asking the $$$ question makes sense. That said, I still think its worth the $$$ for all the reasons @Nicky_S writes, and more. The theming, exotica (the hallways have various pieces of African art and artifacts). Many don’t like it because it is far from most of the action at WDW, but that is among the reasons I love it.


Argh, the art! My favourite part. It’s the largest collection of African Art in the US I believe.

Also the CMs are amazing. The talks they give about their home countries are worth listening to.