WWYD? 3 days, 4 parks

Heading to WDW for an adult only trip for my 50th! We can only spend 3 days in the parks but want to hit all 4. Will have park hoppers. it’ll be a Friday, Saturday, Sunday timeframe. Staying on site, planning to rope drop early entry. How would you spend your 3 park days?

If you can fit it in your budget to get G+, then I would do the following:

1 full day at MK
1 day early entry at Epcot (after dinner hop to HS)
1 day early entry at AK (with late afternoon hop to HS)

Without G+, it would depend on which highlights you wanted at each park.

Are you ride people, are you food/drink people? What time of year?

Easy: open AK, MK and HS til early lunch.
Rest and freshen up for sit down supper every night at Epcot. Two huge favorites were Tokyo Dining and Marrakesh.

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Yeah, time of year and days may help narrow down what I would choose.

I like Janamelia’s thought around mornings in 3 and end every night with EPCOT (drinks, music and meal heavy evenings).

Depending on if you want to prioritize things like fireworks, that may change parks and order.

If I was to do a full day in any of the parks, it may be MK. Add an afternoon break and maybe a meal at California Grill for evening fireworks or if you are inclined to stay in the park, head over to skippers.

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