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As part of our WDW trip, we are going to Universal and for one of the days only doing both HP lands with park to park tickets with no Express Pass. The CL level is 6 and Early Park Admission is scheduled for USF at 8am. We will be at Universal and ready for 9 am rope drop.

The TP suggests that we start with USF first (Diagon Alley) and then proceed to IOA (Hogsmeade) ending our day at 1:45 pm. We are not doing Hagrid’s this day. I reversed the plan (with the exception of just changing lunch locations but both at 11 am, i.e. Three Broomsticks and Leaky Cauldron) with IOA first and then USF and we get done by 1 pm. I made sure to line up the times correctly since you need to make 2 plans for 2 parks. Any reason why we save almost an hour starting with Hogsmeade and then Diagon Alley? Maybe because of early admission at USF that day?

Also, is there any benefit/interest with starting with one WWOHP park over another? We have plans later in the day so I would like to complete the tour sooner rather than later. Also any other info that I need to know not in the TP book that will help out on that day? Better restaurant? Better butterbeer? Better show?

Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for all of your advice.

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A lot of people like to start ‘in London’ and work their way through Diagon Alley to Hogsmeade…you know, for the journey. However, if you’re not concerned with that experience, it doesn’t matter which you start with!
I prefer the Leaky Cauldron to Three Broomsticks.
I do recommend taking the time to do the train in both directions as it is a different ride experience each way.


I always like to start in USF to do the journey in the same order that Harry did it. Also, I like the Beedle the Bard shows in USF. The shows in IOA are okay, but not fantastic. I prefer the themeing in Leaky Cauldron to the theming in Three Broomsticks.


I haven’t been to UOR since the HP “lands” opened, but I would probably start in US (London) and then take the train to Hogsmead (IoA). This of course is purely subjective, and not based on any crowd levels or TP recommendations.

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ok thanks will do!

ok thank you!