'wrong' time on reservation for club villain

to make a long story short, we’d like to add my son to our reservation for club villain 5:15pm this Saturday, but as of right now there are no ‘tables’ available. There are reservations available for the 8:15pm seating. I am wondering if we make that reservation, if we can show up with our party of 5 at 5:15pm and simply plead ignorance about the 6th person. What does everyone think?

Bad idea?

I would think bad idea… Special events are usually booked to sold out and they may or may not be able to accommodate another person. For a normal ADR i’d give it a 75% chance of success. For a special event like this I’d say you’d be lucky if you had a 10% chance. We did the Wishes dessert party a few years ago and they were VERY strict about checking the reservation and we were give a table for 2 that barely fit the two of us.

I would call and if they can’t do anything for you, consider rebooking for the later time when tables are still available.

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I agree, call for sure. I would think they could work something out.

You would lose your money for the 8.15 adr and be charged again for the extra person if they let him in with you earlier

I have called central reservation, and they say that there are no reservations available (as does online). Is there a higher authority to call? Its not a restaurant, so I don’t think there’s a number for the actual ‘club’.

Since the dining is now handled by a third party call center I would say probably not other than speaking to guest services the day of your visit, but I wouldn’t honestly hold out much hope for that being successful. They have to cut the reservations at a specific limit and I would guess exceptions are extremely rare. If they let multiple people do this it would be way oversold and result in a lot of angry people that paid a fortune to be there.

Thanks, everyone for the suggestions. We were able to add the extra person due to cancellations.