Wrong Park Times Messing up Touring Plans

I am trying to build my TP’s in AK for the end of April. Disney has not yet released times for things that close before the park does. Specifically I am having trouble with the three trails. TP has them closing at 4:30 or 5 on my day but I am pretty sure they won’t be closing that early (the sun sets at 8pm that day). Disney has released times thru early April for these as 6:45 closing. Our day should be close to that or 7p? So right now if I optimize in my plans, it puts me jumping from one trail to the next early in the day. If I evaluate while having them in the times I believe should work, I blow up the TP with N/As and 31,000 wait time minutes. Bummer!

That’s really annoying. Since you have times for early April, can you add the trails to your TP as breaks instead and specify the trail in the title?

Yes that is actually what I have been doing for the past few hours. Have to make 2 plans because we have a big group doing different things. I do wish Disney would update their hours earlier than they do. Their system of doing things forces guests to schedule plans at over 180 days out if they want any hope of eating somewhere they like and riding a few rides without hours of waiting. The least they could do is update hours more than 30 days out. Sorry for the rant!:persevere: