Wrong number of New topics on the forum

I only have two new unread posts, but the forum thinks I have 11. Even in binary, that’s the wrong number :smiley:

But what’s up with the count being all off?


There are 10 kinds of people: those that understand binary and those that do not.


But mine isn’t even 10, it’s

(with all due apologies to @Shmebulock ) :grin:



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First of all, I never ONCE paid attention to those ways of filtering posts in the forums. My eyes must have just skipped over them entirely!

But second, now that I AM aware, I saw that mine said there were 14 new posts. But when I clicked on the “New” tab, it showed that there were actually only 7…and now, when I go back to the “Latest” tab (which is what I usually use, apparently), it correctly shows 7.

So definitely something buggy going on there.

This thing has been wonky for months and it just keeps getting worse

I’ve never actually paid attention to the New button either, its not like it is RED or anything. :smiley:

Mine said there were 149 New posts and when I clicked on it, there were a lot but I wasn’t counting so can’t tell if accurate.

I then hit the Dismiss New button on the bottom and since then the count seems correct (currently at 5 for me.)