Wrong Information on Coronado Springs Resort pages

I’ve tried to find a submit link, but it seems the note to press the “submit request” doesn’t relate to the main pages anymore as no such link exists.

Basically, through a friend booking Coronado Springs and raising a question to me about Gratuity requirements at El Mercado de Coronado as I had previously stayed there, I have found that the information about the quick service offering at Coronado Springs is incorrect.

To put it simply this information is just simply wrong, no such “gratuity” is required and has not ever for the current incarnation of the Coronado Springs quick service.

The OLD Pepper Market did at one point require gratuity but the last anyone I speak to can remember that being in force was in 2012 when cast members “bused” food and drink to you.

Could I suggest that someone edit the appropriate pages to remove this misinformation as I’m sure it will have caused confusion to more than just the person who raised it to me.

Hi, welcome to the forum! I think it might be helpful to email: webmaster@touringplan.com.

Will do

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I just looked at this page:


Is this what you are talking about? It seems to be a mix of updated/old info? It talks about the Tower but dining is old? It also states there is one sink in the bathroom and then has a picture of the new bathroom area with two sinks?

Yes that is it, specifically the gratuity requirement in the quick service area.

Lol, I got distracted about the bathrooms (I love the new bathrooms)! The page is definitely a combination of correct and old/outdated info.