Wow Ohana's

I am so excited, The Touring Plan reservation finder just found availability for the 12 of us at Ohana’s on July 25th and I was actually able to book it. I have been trying to get this since my 180 day ADR day. It’s time for my hamster dance. My family will never know how blessed they are.


The behind the scenes work of the Disney planner in the family! The people we plan for will never know the work it took to make it all perfect. Just remember to soak it all in when they are gushing about how amazing it is…that’s your props! Well Done!


The best is when I’m at work and something exciting happens and I explain it… and then I just sound like the crazy Disney lady. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

There is one other like me and coworkers laugh when we get going. We sound like we are talking in code :joy: