Wow. Just wow. Trip report day 4 - full of magic

Today was Epcot day. We slept in as our friend had a work call until 1030 (he got the new job!!). Got there and hit sunshine griddle. The corned beef hash was great. Rode soarin, the land, spaceship earth, imagination and test track in less than 2.5 hours. Headed to reservations at Germany and had a great meal despite it being family style. Great first Epcot day.

Took the Gondola to HS for surprise last minute Oga reservation we lucked in to. Walked on to MMRR before heading to see if they could work in a droid build prior to Ogas. They could!! Allowed us to put Ogas reservation for 815 (after park close) to 830 so friends could finish their droids. Went to Ogas at 830 and it was truly fantastic!! Drinks and service were great. Even more wonderful? Walking through deserted park on the way out. Worries about getting bus back to CSR. Bus driver saw us and asked where we were going. Asked us to hop on board and took us straight to our bus stop - no waiting. This day was more than I could have hoped for. The CMs at Disney are service geniuses. What a trip!! And an added bonus of mid 80s with breeze all day. We are off to the hot tub before bed and can’t wait for tomorrow.


Fantastic day! Congrats to your friend!

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Sounds absolutely perfect!

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Thank you!

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It amazes me every time. How is it things just seem to fall in to place at Disney? Joyful!