Would you squeeze in a water park?

Our long-delayed, multiple-time-rescheduled trip for me and DH (we’re child-free millennials!) is coming up in September and the current plan is:

9/14 - Travel Day/Dinner at DS/Boo Bash
9/15 - Epcot
9/16 - MK
9/17 - HS
9/18 - AK
9/19 - Morning at DS/Travel Day

However, now that we got Boo Bash tix, I feel like we’ll probably knock out most of the rides that we want to do that evening, and then (unless Disney brings back parades before September) on our actual MK day, knock out shows and minor attractions and be done by about 1:30p, with a desire to come back that evening to do the HEA fireworks. We don’t have PH tickets, currently, so hopping to another park isn’t an option.

So the question is - would it be worth squeezing in Blizzard Beach that afternoon? We’re really more lazy river, wave pool, mild slide people (would not be doing the crazy plunge slides) or is trying to also do the water park going to feel too crazy/too crammed? Is it crazy to go to a water park on an afternoon in September when it feels like there’s almost always going to be an afternoon rain shower? We’ve never done a Disney water park.

In terms of potential alternate activities, we’re staying at the Hilton Lake Buena Vista, so while there is a hotel pool option, it’s nothing special, hence why we aren’t just opting for a dip at the hotel pool at that time. The only other thought I’ve had is heading back to the hotel to rest for a bit, and then head over to Trader Sams (if it’s reopened by then) and trying to drink through their entire tiki menu :smiley: :innocent: But open to other activity recommendations to fill this gap as well.

Personally, unless going to a water park is high on your priorities, I wouldn’t try to squeeze it in when you only have one full day per park. That said, if it is a priority, you can probably make it work, provided that the hours of operation and the travel from MK to your hotel and back to the water park allow you to have at LEAST two full hours there - anything less than that and it would definitely NOT be worth it, IMHO.

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So what would you do instead?

We’ll be looking at about a 6-hour gap total before we’d want to return to get a spot for fireworks.

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A 6-hour gap could be just enough to squeeze it in if everything goes right. But you might find yourself at MK a little longer than you planned, and then wanting to go back a little earlier than you planned, so it may turn into 4 hours, which after you factor in transportation and changing, will be under 2 hours at the water park. But if it’s really 6 hours (closer to 4 hours at the water park) that could be great.


  • What are you planning to do for dinner? Is that time accounted for in the 6 hours or are you planning to eat at MK after you go back? You might want to schedule a relaxing dinner at another resort or DS instead with a quick break at the hotel in between.
  • Spend an hour at your hotel pool and extend your time at MK before and after your break.
  • Resort hop / bar hop (Trader Sam’s sounds like a fun idea).
  • Mini golf or other activities at your hotel

I wouldn’t bother unless you love water parks. I feel like you would feel pressure with no breathing room.

If you finish up MK early that day, relax at the resort pool or do another ADR someplace, etc.

Of course, last time we did a water park at Disney was in 1995. So, there’s that.


Too much hassle and transportation time for what, maybe 3 hours at the water park (they close pretty early). I’d just rest and use the pool at your resort.


Honestly no I wouldn’t do it. That sounds like too much to me. Especially if it’s still only Blizzard Beach as an option. The “wave” pool aka really “surf” pool and lazy river are better at TL imho and the slides at BB really aren’t worth it either to me. Come visit New Braunfels and go to Schlitterbahn where more than half their rides are long tube chutes where you get to sit in your tube for 20 minutes (per ride) if you want that kind of water park! :wink:

I don’t much like BB and I only went there this time because my hubby and our friend had never been there, it was only $20 to add it to our ticket and it was the only Disney water park option. It’s really not that great of a water park. There will also be long lines already in the afternoon so you won’t be able to ride more than a few or just ride in the lazy river which is okay but imho moves too slowly in the day and age with fast moving ones and more to look at in the others. There are few things to look at along the way in BB and I liked the lazy river better at Cabana Bay that’s shorter and at a hotel so that says something.

Last edit: I swear…lol. If you do go my favorite and the most unique slide there is the Snow Stormers.

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How about doing a progressive late lunch/early dinner crawl around the monorail resorts? Get an appetizer at CR, go to poly for a drink and main course, then to GF for dessert. I’m not sure what time trader Sam’s opens, the timing may be a drink at that new lounge at GF, which has some great atmosphere. Especially if you sit at the bar.


I love the idea of a monorail food/drink crawl! Also agree that BB is not as awesome as TL. That being said we are going every day and having a lot of fun…it’s the anti rope drop trip this time! My suggestion is to do it on your Epcot day. Epcot is open the longest so it gives you time. Worked great for us yesterday!

The idea of having extra time to fill is foreign to me! I always want to do too much and then have to cut, cut, cut to make things realistically work.

If I found extra time on my hands on my MK day and I was kids-free, I might just wander through the Magic Kingdom and appreciate all the little things that I normally breeze by on our way to whichever attraction we’re doing next. There’s a list of some here, though there may be other/better lists out there.

Or I might wander over to Fort Wilderness via boat and explore there. I’d be tempted to do a horseback ride - I’ve done a couple of trail rides in my life and I really liked them.


We would squeeze in the water park if we had a 6 hour break but we love water parks. I also think it would be easier to squeeze in without children slowing you down :slight_smile: I would bring swim stuff to MK and leave it in a locker. When ready to leave take an Uber directly to Blizzard to minimize your travel time. You should get at least 4 hours. If you aren’t big on the slides 4 hours should be plenty of time. You could also do the mini golf next to Blizzard Beach.

A full day at MK might be necessary even with Boo tickets. MK has so much to see and do. A day can quickly fill up with rides, shows and other attractions.

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We’re specifically going in September in order to do Epcot Food & Wine for the first time - so definitely won’t have time on our Epcot day.

I think it’s really a game of what they end up bringing back between now and then. If parades are back, then, we probably won’t leave and will stay in the park rope drop to fireworks.

I’ve also never done an After Hours event (only done MNSSHP) so I don’t have a great sense of how many of the rides we’ll realistically be able to get through, but I’m hoping basically all of them (excluding the ones my giant 6’5" husband doesn’t fit on like Barnstormer and Tomorrowland Speedway, lol). That might be overly optimistic, and/or they may add more entertainment to the Boo Bash schedule, in which case we’ll get to fewer rides.

I guess we’ll see what it’s looking like once people start reporting back on the first few parties in August…I just really hate the uncertainty that comes with planning right now. Generally the planning is one of my favorite parts of a Disney trip, but this year, it’s so hard to even be able to plan in advance at all.