Would you relocate?

I currently have 6 nights booked the first week of May 2021 at AKL Jambo (2-bdrm Club Level). I used 200 banked 2019 points and some 2020 points. It does not seem as though the rest of Jambo will be open by then. I am assuming that even if they resume CL bookings before then, they won’t be opening the Jambo lounge for just those 5 - 10 DVC CL rooms.

If you were in this situation, would you go ahead and book somewhere else while things are still somewhat available? Or play the wait-and-see game? I fought hard for this reservation (ie - I walked for a month, missed a walk, sweat it out for a couple of weeks until I got the chance to rebook, then walked again). It’s hard to let it go.

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Honestly, I would rebook.

Firstly you booked CL for a reason and that won’t happen until the resort is fully open.

Secondly none of the activities that make AKL so special are running either.

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Do you think there’s any hope of CL at any resort being open by then?

Will you be able to bank any points on your re-booking if you do it now?

For CL to be open at AKL, I think both Boma and Jiko will need to be open, and all the rooms? I honestly don’t think CLs will be open at other resorts (only GF, CR, GDT, and YC could be open?) in May but I guess they could offer some modify options like Universal.

I will say I decided to stay a night at Kidani in June instead of Jambo basically because I don’t trust anything will change at Jambo by then.


Probably not. :slightly_frowning_face:

I just cancelled my May Jambo CL room. I haven’t re-booked since I don’t know that I will be going in the spring, I may just wait to the fall in hope of more back-to-normal (after my trip last week, I’m writing up some thoughts), so it is not exactly your question, but I most certainly did not want that reservation slurping up my points when it is very unlikely that CL will be fully open, and the Mara is closed also.


I can bank the 2020 points, they are August UY.

Ugh! I want my “free” booze and extra fastpasses!

My 40th birthday is the end of April, so we were doing a trip for that. Since I still need to use my 200 2019 points we will still go, but the trip will most likely look very different. Much shorter. I can then save my 2020 points and use them in March 2022 for my oldest son’s 10th birthday (which will hopefully also serve as a make up for my less-than blowout birthday this year, as well as a chance to stay at the SW Hotel :heart_eyes:).

So I’ve read somewhere (Dis? Mousowners?) that they are reimbursing the extra points for CL. It actually has me wondering if I were to go down to 4 nights only using 220 points (200 2019, 20 2020), when they reimburse, would I actually get back some 2019 points that they would have to allow me to bank to 2021? Probably not worth the risk of losing those points or dealing with a half open resort though.

The reservation is slurping up points I would like to use to book for Christmas 2021 when my 11 month window opens in January, in my case. So I need to decide soon if I want to have all my WL/CC and AKL points available.

I wouldn’t count on DVC extending points past the banked points expiration. They had to to that this summer when they wholesale canceled DVC reservations booked with points, but this would be a different situation. I"m not saying it wouldn’t be nice to extend them, I just wouldn’t count on it.

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Ahh, I misunderstood. I thought you meant slurping up the extra points for CL that wasn’t going to be open.

Yeah, not worth the risk.

The only resorts with availability for the same dates right now are BLT Theme Park View (I’m so not excited by CR/BLT though) and the CC Cabins (totally excited, but twice the points, I can only get 2 nights with my 2019 points). I guess maybe I’ll look into changing the dates a bit. I already have cash reservations for 4/23 - 4/30, maybe I’ll cancel some of those and switch to DVC then if there’s more availability. I just hate to cancel those because they are CL and I’m holding out hope for some benefits to return by then. I hate all this uncertainty. And it just hit me that when I was planning our 2019 trip there was a ton of uncertainty because RotR was opening. WDW just loves to mess with me!!!

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You will have a magical trip!

Did you see my report on our CC Cabin? Not trying to enable, but, you do have a big family!

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I haven’t seen your report. I’ve been back and forth on trip reports - sometimes they are just the Disney fix I need, other times they make me too sad! I do want to stay there at some point though, so maybe this is the perfect trip for it.

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