Would you rather Rope Drop with EMH or Rope Drop with early breakfast reservations?

Would you rather rope drop at MK at 8:00AM during extra magic hours…


Would you rather rope drop on a NON EMH day - but have early breakfast reservations at BOG 8:00AM and get in line for first ride around 8:45 AM (when park opens at 9:00AM)…

I am weighing both options and I am not sure which will result in shorter wait times. RD with RMH or RD with early 8AM breakfast reservations on a normal opening time of 9AM

Please help!!!

I lean towards BOG PPO and get in line for first ride at 8:45. We were able to do this and we were off 7DMT (and my H and DS2 were off PP) before the RD crowds reached the lines. We each were able to immediately proceed to another ride and essentially RD that ride. This was Dec 17th.

Have done both. I would skip the BoG breakfast, just because I am not a huge fan of the price (and the food was just OK). I don’t mind the early EMH rope drop, but can see how it might be a bit more relaxing to start with a hot breakfast.

The only real benefit to the PPO BOG reservation is 7dmt. By the time we got off 7dmt when we did PPO, the rope drop crowd was already entering Fantasyland. And we were first in line for 7dmt. Otherwise, I would do EMH. When we did EMH, Fantasyland was empty. We rope dropped PPF, saw Rapunzel and Tiana, saw Ariel, rode Barnstormer, rode Dumbo and went to the restrooms. We then waited for about 5 minutes at the interior ropes in Fantasyland to get to the Haunted Mansion. We had a FP for 7dmt for later in the morning.

Just based on my family’s habits, DD10 has to be up a good 2-3 hours before she’s hungry enough for a full breakfast. My work schedule means she’s already up at 4:45am, has fruit or bowl of cereal, dropped off at school by 6am, then eats breakfast at school at 8am. I have no intention of being up that early on vacation. I’d rather RD a EMH and at least not be stressed at missing a res or wasting food.

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I would rather rope drop on a regular day and have a LATE breakfast, and set my FPP for after that


Maybe I don’t understand the question, here.
Is the basic question “Is am emh better than a ppo adr?”

If it is, my answer would be 100% emh. If you’re going to be there at 8am either way? An hour of low crowds vs one stint on 7d and maybe one other walk on? If I had to choose, I’d do am emh 120% of the time. The only downside would be crowd level buildup, but if you’re really talking about being there at 8am, your benefit should outweigh that since you’ll have a headstart on the headliners, which means more chill time earlier (fp hunting, low wait attractions, shows.)

I would rather have the PPO breakfast. I don’t find the morning EMH that empty. I also agree with @OBNurseNH on doing rope drop for a regular opening and then doing a late breakfast.

Whats PPO? is there a terms glossary decoder?

Pre park opening reservation. If you do a search, there is a post on acronyms.