Would you rather? Hotels and flights edition

I am torn over the glut of options I have and cannot seem to pull the trigger on any of them. The constants at play here are no more than 6 weekdays off of work, Thursday-Monday is booked at Poly and Monday-Wednesday is booked at VGF. I want to take advantage of the deluxe evening hours on Wednesday while adding a couple extra nights to the trip. Which would you do?

  1. Arrive Tuesday at 8pm and stay 2 nights at BWV using 32 points and depart late Wednesday afternoon. (Least expensive, but uses 32/50 points).

  2. Arrive Tuesday at 8pm and stay 1 night at ASM on cash and then 1 night at OKW using 10 points, departing late Wednesday afternoon. (Least expensive cash & points).

  3. Arrive Wednesday at 8pm assuming an on time flight and stay 1 night at OKW using 10 points and 1 night at ASM before departing late Thursday afternoon. (Nearly the same as #2).

  4. Same as option 3, but arrive early afternoon Wednesday and depart early morning Thursday. (Same as #3).

  5. Arrive Thursday at 8pm going straight to Poly and adding 3 nights at ASM and departing midday Saturday. (Most expensive and all cash option).

You poor thing :wink:

OK so not 2 - that’s way too much bouncing around.
And so also not 3
And therefore not 4

that leaves you with 1 or 5. Is BWV going to still be available by the time you decide?? :laughing:

You should go with 5 if not.

Well I saw it pop up last night so I grabbed it, which only made my decsion even harder.

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Then that one

Because BWV for EP/HS access and then Poly for MK?

Pretty divine!


Maybe youll find a third bwv night?

  1. BWVx2 - Polyx4 - VGFx2
  2. ASM - OKW - Polyx4 - VGFx2
  3. OKW - ASM - Polyx4 - VGFx3
  4. same as 3, but different flight times
  5. Polyx4 - VGFx3 - ASMx3

Is that right?

4 hotels is too many, I’d vote for #1

I know… it’s just the majority of my points and I wasn’t planning on spending them like that you know? I could keep 22 points and only bc out $140 with options 2-4 so that’s where my complication lies.

Just buy more!



Fixed it.

I am not opposed to all the hopping.

I really would like to, but


Totally tongue-in-cheek fyi. ^^^^


Yes. Get a little tin mug and a stick and everything. Work on looking more helpless

(disclaimer: I am not making fun of the blind)

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LOL at how your FYI = my disclaimer

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This sounds like so much fun! I’m not much help…I love all the options! Moving around doesn’t bother me, love to save a buck but after a Pandemic? Screw it and stay where you want! Can’t wait to hear about it​:tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:


Off topic but:

Panhandlers on most corners near where my sister lives - BIG shopping area. Usually holding a cardboard sign. Usually with a prop - I saw one with crutches. Same ones but corners vary.

I think they’re professionals*. They’re always there, 8 am to 5 pm. I envision them as leaving out the door of whatever large place they live, grabbing a sign and a prop as they file out to transport. I think they get corner assignments. “Aw man, this corner!! The light’s too short . . .”

*Once saw an older guy sitting on a milk crate holding a sign: pregnant - please help.

I wanted to ask dude can you read? But maybe that was part of the schtick.