Would you do mnsshp or early entry every morning?

Surprising age 5 and age 8 kids with fall trip to WDW. Goal was to beat Galaxy’s Edge, but early october ends up being crazy with crowd predictions. Would you get up early every day and be at parks between 6 and 7 to hit rides early, missing fireworks and MNSSHP or risk huge crowds by going at 9 am and staying late? & days in parks, 1 hollywood, all other parks 2 days each. 6 of us total, so not sure $600 worth it if it too crowded. Last year went in dec and christmas party was packed. No room to breath, too crowded to do much more than regular day, packed like sardines for parade and fireworks. Loved the halloween party 2 years ago, but not sure much has changed, and does it really beat early morning crowds every day?

At 5 and 8 years old, if you buy MNSSHP tickets would you plan to take advantage of the midnight closing time?

Also, for the October schedule, the EMH is 6:00 AM at HS and 7:00 AM elsewhere.

I would never do early entry every day. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. For sure do it a few times but not every day. Our last trip was exhausting and we didn’t do early entry every day but did have a breakfast reservation between 7:30-8:30 several times. It became a forced march. Y the end. To be in park between 6-7 every day would be even worse to me


This whole new model is so discouraging.
We’ve never had problems being there for opening WHEN it opened at normal times. And we could stay straight to closing. But closing was rarely after 9PM except for MK. Now the strategies are even being squeezed out.

If these were my options, I could likely decide that the first half of our trip be early open through dinner and then the second half be arrive later and stay for evening entertainment. This way we’d be able to do one morning and one evening at each park.

I’d make HS a two day and AK a one day, though. I think AK hours will likely be doable in their entirety on one day.