Would tour reservation work for Uber drop off at Contemporary?

Hey all,
We have a 8am KttK tour at MK (7:45am check in) on a day that MK doesn’t open until 9am (with 8:30am EE).
We are staying off site (so need to use the TTC for MK drop offs) BUT I’m worried the monorail may not be running at 7:20-7:30am? Thinking we could uber to the Contemporary and walk to MK?
Would proof of our early tour reservation be sufficient to get through parking lot security at the Contemporary?
Any advice? thanks!

When we were there last week with the same hours the monorail didn’t run from the TTC that early but the ferry did.


No, I don’t think you will allowed to be dropped off at the CR. I do think you will have time parking at TTC.


Any chance you’d be able to score a Grand Floridian Cafe breakfast res for right at 7:30 and Uber there early, then bump and run so you can walk? Maybe easier than the breakfast options at CR now that the Wave is no more.

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Thanks. It’s good to have that confirmation on monorail timing.

What’s bump and run?

It’s when you take a reservation that’s within the 24 hour “no cancel” period, reschedule it to outside that period (like, move it forward by a week or a month), and then cancel it.

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You can park at resorts with a sit down ADR (you show your reservation at the security gate). You can’t for quick service.

You can’t show up too early (like 8am to park for for dinner time) but you can be reasonably early. They don’t keep track of when you leave. So a breakfast reservation at a hotel on the walking path would allow you to park and then walk to MK.

Assuming you don’t want to actually eat there, you could show up early using your ADR to get in the security gate, and then once parked, cancel the ADR. Problem is that to cancel day-of incurs a fee. Unless… you “bump” the ADR out by modifying it to be at least the next day (requires you to find an open ADR slot to modify to). And then you can “run” by cancelling the ADR since it’s no longer a day-of cancel. This modification has to be done at least 20 mins before the ADR time otherwise you can’t modify. Hence making sure you get there early, like 45 mins before your ADR but I would think that would be reasonable like if you said traffic was way lighter than expected.

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Thanks for this idea…so I’m assuming we’d look for an ADR near 7:45-8:00am (to arrive at 7:15-7:30am). Then call and move the ADR to later in the week to avoid no-show fee.

This all feels a bit strange (and maybe icky), but without on site bus access and TTC start time concerns, there’s really not any choices for an 7:45 check in at MK!

No, you would need to try to get the first ADR of the day. Then arrive 15 minutes early. You will not be able to call. You will need to open your phone browser and modify the reservation 60 days out. (Reports are that the app is not allowing the same day modification). It is a somewhat popular reservation. If you cannot modify you will pay the $10 per person no-show fee. You can try to modify to 1 person to decrease that (I do that modification when looking 60 days out).

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I was able to modify same day on MDE in January and bumped an ADR out a week so I could cancel, but I think it was WCC or something else with pretty good future availability. Seconding that you need to do this process on the MDE app or mobile website, not the phone. And seconding that since the modification needs to be complete at least 20 mins before the ADR time, you need to get to the resort more like 45 mins before ADR time to be able to make the timing work.

If unable to find another spot to modify to, or if the timing gets too tight and you have to take the same day penalty, think whether an additional $10/person is what you would pay for walking access to MK. For a small group that might be about right. For a big group that’s pretty spendy just for a slight advantage over TTC.

The 45 minute is a good point but there have been multiple reports that the app has been giving a “call only” option for many people and a browser has worked.

If it is in fact 45 minutes, I am unclear if you can count on arriving 45 minutes early at CR? A guard could tell you it is too early and to come back 15 minutes before. This doesn’t happen often but at times CR guards can be very difficult (yes- they could be trying to prevent this).

Adding that the last ADR I tried to modify it took me almost an hour (on my phone’s browser) to find a date I could book. I was also reducing from 5 to 1 and it would not allow that modification day of.

I think the main takeaway here is that you cannot count on any system or “rules” working always with bump and run. If you are going to use it as @WildernessLodger said, be prepared to pay the $10 per person fee. I will add also be prepared to not be allowed in the lot more than 15 minutes before your ADR (guard at AKL refused someone entry last month and told them 15 minutes- crazy).


Thanks all - this has been very helpful.