Would this timing work? (EMH bus for Studios to walk to Cape May Cafe at 7:30?)

I’ve got a 7:30am ADR for Cape May breakfast on July 21. I see that Studios has EMH at 8am that day - and I’m staying on property. Would the busses be running early enough I could hop on a Studios bus and walk over to Cape May from there? (I could then cut through Epcot - thanks Annual Pass - or walk back over to Studios and get a bus back to Music to catch the DCL bus when I’m done. (Trying to avoid a Lyft fee. LOL.)

My other option would be an 8am Garden Grill ADR and just bus to and from Epcot.


That sounds like a hassle to me - it’s a bit of a walk from HS to BC. I’d be worried the buses wouldn’t be early enough to get to HS in time to walk over… To me this situation is custom made for Lyft.

Thanks. Maybe I’ll just change to Garden Grill.

I changed it to 8am. That gives me a little more room, and I’ll just make sure I’m out at the Studios bus stop super early since it should be running for EMH which starts at the Studios at 8 - I’ll shoot for 6 and if I wait in the line for a bit, so be it. As a back up, if no bus has come by 7, I’ll give in and get a Lyft.

(Of course, I’ll find out my bus pick-up time for DCL the night before, so if I get lucky and have an early pick-up, I’ll end up cancelling anyway.)

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