Would someone be willing to help me?

I was wondering if anyone at Disney World now or going in the very near future would be willing to mail me park maps? I know I can see them online but I am more of a hands on kind of girl. It would be greatly appreciated. I would pay for shipping and a small fee for the trouble.
Thank you in advance

My favorite maps are here http://www.easywdw.com. Not in the park so maybe someone else can help but I will admit I prefer the above maps to Disney’s


Thank you for the link.

You can find maps here as well:


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Not sure how current they are (someone said 2016), but I saw park maps on Amazon a while back:

It costs, but not bad- under $10.

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Thank you all so much for the info.

you can get them on line at disney world for free, if you have the unofficial guide or the passporter guide they both have maps in them too

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Also just do a search in google for each park map and you will find good ones there too

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Those are great maps, thank you. I like Kenny the Pirate too.

When is your trip? I will be there in February.

I am not going until the 2nd week of September. I know it is so far away but I can’t help it. I am so excited and have been planning since I booked the trip in October.

No judgement here! Some of us have count downs greater than 365!


I sent you a message about the maps