Would Disney Quest have anything fun for a toddler?

hi all! We are planning for an afternnoon at DTD (me, DH, and DD2.5), and today I just got in the mail a book of coupons with a free entrance to Disney Quest. Given that we wouldn't pay to get in....would it be worth going with a toddler? Is it all "big kid," teen and adult-type games, or anything fun for the littles? DH and I went to DQ in May 2011, but we were kid free so didn't even think about it as we were child-free then. thanks!

I haven't been for a couple of years, but from what I remember I don't think that its a toddler friendly place, I don't think you would have much fun. Maybe go when your Daughter has nap time in her stroller.

I don't remember anything for littles in there either. My memories of it are loud and dark. What about trying mini-golf?

My wife and I have been twice with an ankle biter. There aren't really games at a toddler's level, but or little guy enjoyed grabbing the steering wheel of driving games while we pressed the pedal. He had a blast with that. We wore him to do the Pirate's game (the highlight of dq), and took turns playing other games. We still had fun, but he couldn't do much, and wasn't very helpful at the animation Academy class!

Went last year and I would say, no, not for kiddos that young. Perhaps, since it's free admission, go in and take a tour of the place for future reference. But it is very loud on some floors and might be too much stimulus. All children are different and your's might like it, but it was definitely filled with 8-16 year olds the night we went.

Its a lot of arcade games and attractions for children at least 8 years old or so. There is no designated area for anybody under that age, Additionally strollers are not allowed into the building (last time I checked) so you wouldn't be able to bring one in in the event that your child would want one.