Would anyone with DVC be able to check availability for me?

I was wondering if any liners with DVC would be kind enough to check availability for me. I’m looking for either January 8-18 or January 17-27 standard BWV, savannah AKV, or standard WLV. I would really appreciate it! Thank you!

What size of villa? Studio? Bedrooms, how many?

Sorry I mean to put in studio. Thank you!

Only availability for full stays requested are for kidani village in akl, 17th - 27th inclusive, Savannah view. Rest only partial availability.

Good luck! Looks like you need to move fast. :grinning:

Would you possibly be able to check one more set of dates for me if its not too much trouble? January 22-Feb.1 for the same rooms and resorts above? I REALLY appreciate it :slight_smile:

Again, only kidani available.

Ok thank you! It’s good to at least know that’s my only option :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

No hard choice to make eh?

Glad I could help.

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