Would anyone like to evaluate my touring plan?

This is my first trip with my 4 kids, ages 6-15, plus my parents. I have been stressing out with trying to pack in as much as possible into my days. We have 4 days and plan to spend 1 full day at MK, full day at HS, full day at AK, then either a 1/2 day at Epcot and 1/2 at MK, or just stay the day at Epcot, depending on how much of our plan we can complete. Our plan is all of our “must dos”, with the acceptation of Jungle Cruise, which we saved for last, but may skip for time. Walking speed is set to very relaxed to accommodate for changes in wait times and photos, etc, but we are a very fit group that can keep a good pace. I have been watching the Disney App and it seems like the TP wait times are not realistic, so any of your “expert” liners’ advice would be so very helpful. Thanks so much!


There is probably not enough time for eating in this plan - 20 minutes at Storybrook Treats would be tough to swing with 2 people, let alone 7-8, and same with Pinocchio Haus with 30 min.

Also, there is no time for bathroom breaks or ‘discovered magic’.

Haunted Mansion’s wait time is probably too low, Sundays are usually more crowded than that. I have also not seen BTMR at 8 minutes at 10:30 AM, I would add 20-30 to that.

The second half of your day looks pretty solid, but there will probably be 2-3 lines in the morning you will have to abandon. With same-day FPP booking after SM, you should be able to bring down the waiting time on MTP, UtS, DFE, and IASW if you can be flexible on the order.

What are you prepared to lose or push later in the day if needed?

Just FYI…Sunday is the Princess half Marathon and there will be multiple road closures/ dentures on your way to MK til 11:00. It’s best if you are staying onsite and use the resort buses. Even with taking the resort buses people have reported a good hour ride.

You definitely need to add more time to eat and use the bathrooms. When we go with the kids we add a 30 minute break every two hours minimum. I agree with @AkronAaron the second half of your plan looks solid.

You all are just the best. Liners are awesome! :grin:

We are staying offsite at a friend’s timeshare, Holiday Inn at Orange Lake, so I appreciate the heads up! We will have to leave super early!

I thought BTMR’s wait time was super unrealistic, however if we rope drop PPF, we hope to save time, the plan has us not arriving until 9:22am, which we plan on heading straight there. We also set our walking pace to very relaxed to accommodate pictures, and extra wait times. I may cut MLF if we had to choose, but maybe with getting extra FFPs we can save enough time for that? As far as Pinnochio Haus, plan was to pick up food and eat while waiting for the parade, but I am definitely adding a couple of bathroom breaks and/ or adding time to Storybook Treats based on your advice.

When actually using the tour, does it document our arrival times, wait times, etc. When I open it on the app, it just has a “Done!” button after each step

If you get to the park early for RD and can walk fast, you should be able to get in line for PPF before 9:22. That will save you some time.

I agree with the other than you need more time for meals/snacks/washroom.

I would remove MLF … maybe you can fit in later in the day if same day FPs go well.

Be prepared for a potentially longer wait for ETWB. We waited 15 minutes even with a FP a couple years ago.

Remember to start looking for a 4th FP as soon as you tap in for SM. And be flexible with the afternoon plan based on available FPs. I have had a lot of success finding afternoon FP for IASW, Winnie the Pooh, Under the Sea, and Dumbo so I would grab the earliest available so you can then grab a 5th, etc.

Overall, it looks like a great plan!