Worthwhile food/restaurants at WDW


Maybe Disney just doesn’t want me to want to come back?!?

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What is a chocolate feather? Sounds good.
I’d be tempted to look for lime and bring my own dang sprite. Reminds me of how at USF, bartenders have to pretend to not know what a triple-whatever is (I forget the name) you have to spell out what it is.
I’ll be looking for orange Dole Whips, which I guess will be pretty easy to find.

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Sunshine Tree Terrace in MK or Pineapple Lanai at Polynesian.


Unless they’ve also changed, a couple of pool bars (including the one at Poly, accessible from outside the gated area by the launch dock), have lime dole whip margaritas so you might be able to get them to make one with sprite? I don’t know if it is premixed with the alcohol or not. (DH fetched a margarita one for me while I fetched food. It was a good “by the pool” type drink, but not cravable.). Looks like Pineapple Lanai should have.

You can do menu searches for dole whips or whatever here (I can’t remember if I already posted that link in this thread or not :joy:):


That chocolate feather looks neat.

Friendship Boat too. Nice little ride if timed correctly. It can save your feets a few steps, too.


So far, I have had mostly terrible timing with those. I need little trackers to assure me they really are coming. And how much of the queue they can take before we’ll have to wait for the next one. The couple times we’ve succeeded were nice though. :sweat_smile:

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General rule of thumb at DHS-
Once the line approaches the curved part of the walkway, assume you’ll be on the next boat. Of course, near park closing hours, and lunchy times, the line will be long. I learned on night #1 after DHS closing, that waiting for the boat to go back to a EP Resort might NOT be worth it. The ride is nice if you only wait for one boat, but, it’s easier on my feet to walk than wait in a line, (and it’s faster.)

I will say this:
Once you make the decision to WALK, don’t get ticked when you see the boat that you could have been on passes you with only 2 ppl on it. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Very polarizing, that Orange Dole Whip.
I’m NOT a fan. Not a fan at all. They have that orange concentrate bitterness. Like OJ from concentrate vs fresh squeezed.

Orange Dole Whip is like an IPA.
PIneapple is more like a Lager, you know, like, it tastes good to humans.

IPA’s are :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

Not trying to stir the pot or anything… :innocent:

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This is extremely helpful. I like all beer, except for IPA.
DH and I both love Orange and we’ll probably get one anyway, and share to try it out. But, if you hadn’t said anything we’d have automatically bought two.

I don’t like Dole Whips at all, especially the pineapple flavor. I tried one b/c everyone raves about them and I’m done now, thanks :wink: I did try a lime, vanilla ice cream swirl once at Poly… that was ok.

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DEFINITELY try one. You guys might love them. Plenty of people love them. I’m just a random person with an opinion.

(but don’t say I didn’t tell you they were horrid.)