Worth going to DHS twice to see TSL at night?

We’re going to WDW in October (me, my cousin, and my parents) and while it’s still a ways away, I’m going into my busy season at work and won’t have much time for any planning prior to our ADR day. So, I’m trying to figure out which parks on which days now. I don’t generally care for DHS as much as the other parks because I’m not into Star Wars and don’t ride ToT or RNRC. However, I loooove Toy Story. Like, had a Buzz Lightyear cake for my 3rd birthday and Toy Story 2 came out when I was 5 and changed my life. My cousin is also a Toy Story fan. We haven’t been to TSL yet, so I’m wondering if it’s worth going to DHS twice so we can see TSL at night?

Current plan would be to go to DHS on arrival day late afternoon-ish, FPP TSMM and probably ToT/RNRC if my cousin wants to ride them, probably do ASS standby, have dinner, and get in line for SDD right before park close. Then on our last full day, we’d go to DHS in the morning and stay through early afternoon before taking a break and going to DS that night. This would be day 60+6 so the goal here would be to get an SDD FPP.

All that being said, as much as I love Toy Story, since I haven’t been to TSL yet, I’m not sure if using two days of admission on DHS is worth it or if only doing one of those days is enough. The other option would be to go to Epcot one of those days instead (we’ll be spending one full day at Epcot otherwise). We don’t have PH either so it’s one or the other. Any advice/opinions is appreciated!!

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It is pretty incredible at nigjt


I think your instinct that HS might not be “worth” two park days seems valid to me, especially if you really only want to do Toy Story stuff. However, in your current plan, you would get 2 rides on SDD, so IMO that would be more worth it to me than just seeing TSL at night. The best way to maximize w/out park hoppers would probably be to RD HS later in the week, riding TSSM and ASS, then FPP for SDD, then take a break and return to see TSL at night and ride SDD again at park close. I love Epcot, so I think spending more time there, especially during Food and Wine (during the week), is always good.

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I agree with @pkitt. i can’t figure out how to fill more than half a day at HS (we don’t do coasters), so I definitely wouldn’t give up at Epcot day for a 2nd HS day.

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This would be a good idea if we could make it for RD! We are probably going to RD MK and Epcot earlier in the week so I don’t know if we can reasonably do DHS too (we’re not good at everyone being ready to go on time). Although it could be worth it for more F&W :thinking: