Worth a day trip?

I’m trying to decide whether it is worth it to try and surprise my BF with a Universal trip in the middle of our Disney trip. We would be going mid-November so the crowd levels will be low, however, the touring plans I attempted to make for 1-day seem almost too good to be true. Are waits really this low?

When I try to see your plans, it says the page I am looking for doesn’t exist.

That aside, if you can narrow down what you want to see, I think you could have a great one day trip.

Thanks for the reply! I fussed with my dates so I think that messed up the links:

Now I can see them. I am sorry to say it, but I feel like these waits are exceptionally low. Specifically, Escape from Gringotts and Reign of Kong seem very low, given the time of day. I would suggest that you look at the historical calendars and see if you can get some ride wait times from those dates to compare for averages.

Ultimately, I think you would be better served to narrow your focus and do a new plan with fewer attractions. Then, if the waits do end up being very short, you can add less important attractions after you’ve done everything you want to do.

We LOVED Universal. I was a total WDW snob - but after being at Universal - my thoughts changed. As a whole it is very manageable, clean and well worth your time. WWOHP was unreal. If you are worried about the crowds I HIGHLY recommend staying onsite one night so you get front of the line - well well worth it.

I would add that if you or the BF are Harry Potter fans, put your focus there. As @davidtyost mentioned, WWOHP is amazing. I have yet to see anything anywhere, including Disney World, that can compare to it. It is a truly immersive, incredible experience.

Even if you aren’t a HP fan - the attention to detail is crazy. The personnel there is also WAY into it. No there are not a lot of rides in HP - but the shops and atmosphere is worth slowing down and enjoying. The butterbeer ice cream is awesome as is the actual butterbeer - tastes as you would expect it to.

Actually I want to change my answer - I would suggest that Universal is worth more than “A DAY TRIP” I think you can really enjoy it if you tack on 2 days (even at the - GASP removal of a WDW day). Staying on site makes it so much more convenient and relaxing as well

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