World transportation + morning EMH's

First time poster here!

Our fam is taking is taking our first WDW trip this T’giving week (yeah!!!).

We want to take best advantage of morning EMH at MK on T’giving Day (11/27).

What is the BEST way to get to MK (we’re staying at A of A) so that we can be there by 7:15 or so to be ready for rope drop at 8?

I’ve heard that the monorails from the TTC are on a new set schedule and they don’t run that early, and I can’t figure out when the hotel busses start running the mornings of EMH’s.

Would love some help, Liners.

Thank you!



although they aren’t advertised, there are buses running early for those guests with early morning ADR’s/Dining reservations, but anyone can take them. The bus would be your best shot as you’ll be dropped off right in front of the park. Check with the concierge/front desk to confirm the earliest bus time, but buses should start running around 7am and it’s only a 15-20 minute ride from AOA to MK. AOA has a dedicated bus (it doesn’t share with other resorts so it won’t be making other stops).

Have a great time!!


Hi there @JonMcIntosh welcome to the forums!

Ditto what @DarthDopey said but also if you decide to park at the TTC the resort loop monorail now starts running at 7am so you’ll be covered either way. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask.


Wow. Clear (the clearest I’ve found on this topic) and helpful information from you both!

Thanks @DarthDopey and @Outer1 . Grateful!


Definately second (third?) the bus direct from AoA to MK. I stayed at POP last trip and had no problem making it for a 6:00 AM RD at MK.

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