World Showcase

Anyone have resources or detailed maps of world showcase? We were there a few years ago and i feel like we just did one large loop around the lake but from reading here it seems there is so much to explore. I could only really find showtimes on TP. Things im thinking of are like a department store and gardens in japan. Thank you!

Are you going during F&G? There’s a lot to see during that and there is a detailed map online.

In preparation for our trip, I zoomed in really close on the pavilions on the Disney map so you can see which ones have depth to explore. I think TP and Tim Tracker both have videos about each of the pavilions.

I haven’t seen a map - and would love to have one on hand! I know something that helps me is looking at the world showcase blogs - food, shopping, drinks, best of, etc. I always find things I didn’t know were there!

This map is a good start. It is color-coded for the attractions, QS, and TS places. You can see that you have to walk deeper into most countries to see some things.

EDIT: Another idea is to look at the satellite images on Google maps. They help you understand where things like gardens are.

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FYou really need to head off down the paths off the main promenade. Many of the pavilions have hidden areas behind the main buildings.

Mexico has it’s indoor market, which is dimmed - apparently this was the original intent of Disney with the WS. Since Epcot was where a prototype of where people would work (FW) and play (WS), then the idea was that the indoor pavilion represents the evenings.

Norway - see if you can spot the four different towns represented in the architecture (now slightly blurred with the new Akershus frontage).

The Stave Church is probably my favourite place, mainly because I fell in love with Norway. But you can see the structure of it really well, and why they’re designed like that for the snow; inside if you look up to the roof you can see rafters structure (or used to be able to anyway).

China - walk down beside the Temple of Heaven. On the outside you can see stone reliefs and carvings which tell the story of a famous emperor. And go inside - you can sit in the entrance of the Temple, and inside is magnificent.

In Germany, you can see the mural covering where the loading area would have been for the river boat ride. And outside there’s a statue of St George slaying the dragon. Also one of the shops has three figures (of saints I think) on it, only there should have been four - they ran out of room. And look out for the characters from Snow White too.

I love Italy because of the “mistake” with the buildings right on the waterfront. With your back to the lake, you’re supposed to be looking at St Mark’s Square in Venice from the Grand Canal. Only the Doges Palace and the Bell Tower are on the wrong sides - allegedly because the Imagineers were using negatives to work from…!

Oh and that archway. It’s a replica of one, maybe in Rome (really can’t remember) where doomed men were brought to die. The legend is if you pass through it, your death is imminent. Seemingly all new Cultural representatives are dared to walk through it!

Some of the other buildings / structures are also inspired by other landmarks like the Trevi Fountain and the Sistine Chapel.

There was meant to be a whole “archaeological site” at the back of the pavilion, that was never built.

Japan - walk up the paths and explore the gardens and pagoda: the shops are around the courtyard behind the pagoda. The structure in the water is a replica of the floating Shinto Torii Gate from Itsukushima.

Morocco - go inside the museum building (on the left as you stand with your back to the lake). And there’s also the Fes House which is like a typical Moroccan house. It’s fascinating, and you can sometimes see into the prayer room that they built for the workers from Morocco. Then go back to the Souk (Bazar). A lot of the architecture is inspired by real places - Rabat and Marrakesh (the minaret). There’s belly dancing in the evenings in the courtyard.

France - again head down the path to find the arcade of shops. And the film is beautiful to watch. Soon(ish) of course there will be a whole new courtyard for Ratatouille.

U.K. - the gardens are easy enough to see and explore. Have a look at the terrace of houses - very much like Cherry Tree Lane, large imposing town houses. Look for the window of Christopher Robin’s bedroom (you can’t go in anymore sadly). The row of shops are actually one big inter-connecting row. Each one is from a different century, so starting nearest the lake is the earliest (want to say C16th).
Hampton Court Palace is also really just a facade for the restrooms and shop.

And the Rose and Crown is clever - three pubs in one. There’s a country pub as you look at it coming from France, a town version looking from the rest of the pavilion and then the waterfront one.

Canada - go along the path to O Canada, turn right and head up to the top where you get a great view of the waterfall and gardens. Then you can explore the gardens, which are a tribute to the Butchart Gardens, BC, one of Lilian Disney’s favourite places.
Look at the totem poles as well, I think there’s a hidden Mickey on one of them.

The map on the WDW site is fairly detailed

There are also places online you can get the Times Guide, which will give you the times of all the entertainment and the locations of the meet and greets. I know Kenny the Pirate’s site has detailed timings of when characters come out most days. Also they train new characters at Epcot, so sometimes you’ll get the chance to meet random characters especially near the IG. We’ve seen Chip and Dale, Woody and Jessie, and others.


This is really helpful! We never explore as much as I would like to.

Bookmarked your post… Thanks!!

me too :slight_smile:

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This is an awesome list thank you!!

Great link! I cant wait to dig into this! We are going next week and thought all my plans were set haha!