World Showcase tips needed please!

After many family trips to the world, I will finally get to do an ‘adults only’ trip…always wanted to take my time through the WS. What are your favorite treats/drinks that you consider an “always do”?
I have grapefruit beer on my list…my ‘manfriend’ prefers a heartier ‘brew’. Plan on snacking our way around WS after the obligatory SE and TT rides. Thanks in advance!

Everything in Karamell Kuche, OGMS in France, Margaritas in Mexico. I haven’t tried the school bread in Norway but it’s on my list for next time and the other treats in the bakery are good, as are the snacks in the bakery in France. Ice cream in France.

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Tequila Don Julio 70 at La Cava, cronuts, funnel cake at AA, udon in Japan. You can’t go wrong with anything you pick @butternutmomma!! Have a great time!!!

Almost all the restaurants have something to offer. It’s hard to predict what someone’s favorites will be without knowing their tastes, but if there’s a type of food you really like or want to try, then visit that country in Epcot.

There are quite a few beers to try and that’s another area that’s hard to predict without knowing someone’s tastes. Germany has good choices besides the grapefruit beer (which I don’t really like, but nearly everyone else does). One unexpected place for beer is the Tutto Gusto lounge in the Italy pavilion, which offers a good selection of beer in addition to their wine list. Check out Beers and Ears ( and make a list of things you’d like to try! The Frozen drinks in France are also on my must do list.

Blood Orange Margarita at La Cava is probably my favorite adult drink - make that any drink - in WDW. That and the grapefruit beer in Germany are my two “must-dos” every trip. For snacks, the caramel popcorn in Germany and the cronut near Canada top my list.

The Mango Gingerita from the tea kiosk in China was a very nice discovery on my last trip. Not too sweet, not too tart, and very refreshing

I have to say that the OGMS was one of the bigger WDW disappointments for me. It’s small, sickeningly sweet, has very little “punch”, and is very expensive for what you get. For roughly the same price, virtually ANY margarita from La Cava is a better choice on all counts (except maybe the avacado margarita which looks like pond scum and tastes only marginally better).

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@FlyerFan1973 thanks for that link…i sent it to my beer aficionado ! I appreciate everyone’s input knowing we all have different tastes…just looking for any positively must trys or a least give it ’ a good whirl’ choices. I’m just looking forward to ‘wandering the world showcase’


I LOVED the grapefruit beer! Had Mango margarita and a shandy at R/C. Ate salted caramel brownie and crepe with ice cream. It was H-O-T…so didn’t feel like eating too much! Enjoyed the walk around the world…watched pick a pearl, shopped in countries i hadn’t stopped in …think i want to do it again when not so hot…maybe i can do it at wine and dine!

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Sounds awesome!! I’m looking forward to snacking and drinking through WS in September… I have a little .txt file of things I want to get there. Great to hear other people are having good times :slight_smile:

Breakfast at Les Halles before the WS opens. The shops in Morocco are IMHO the best to just wander through.
School bread is unique and i personally love it. Its big, not terribly sweet, and definitely more bread-y than pastry-y. :slight_smile: The cardamom is a nice touch.