World Showcase start time

Is the 11 o’clock start for WS pretty consistent?

I was thinking about RD EPCOT and then park hop to MK but that slow start at WS is a significant constraint.

I am confused as well. Using third week in March when EP opens at 10, TP has some pavilions open at 10 others at 11. However if you go to Disney site, it has most pavilions opening at 10, including Mexico and Reflections of China which Tp had opening at 11. Maybe a moving/changing target? I’m not in a super rush as I am using March 2022 as a proxy for March 2023, but I can’t create even a sketch of a TP for EP because it had me waiting 45 minutes at RD for EP from IG gate and then eve longer at FEA, but when I use a break as s placeholder for Remy and Frozen per liner experience, I run into 11am openings for Mexico snd China, but not Germany which has me “waiting” for pavilions to open,

Ah well. I’ll watch input from March folks and go from there.

It depends. If you’re from Canada they won’t let you in til 1pm



I thought all of Epcot opened at park opening now that the park opens later?
That doesn’t necessarily mean all the restaurants and shops are open then though, if that’s what you meant.

I’m just going by what TP is saying when I’m trying to plan my day.
Basically, the only thing I can do in WS before 11 is FEA.

Remy is open as 3 Caballeros I think.

Remy, El Rio del Tiempo & FEA are consistently mentioned by Lines users on WDW Chat as being open before official ETPE.

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