World Showcase Questions

Hi all,

Just wondering how long you would suggest spending in each of the WS country pavilions, aside from watching any of the films? My TP automatically puts 10 mintutes per pavilion but I didn’t know whether I should allow for more time, we’re first timers, three boys who will be 14, 11 and 10. Second week of April, CL predicted at 8.



I could spend days in WS it is hard to tell how much time in each country it depends on you and your families interests.


I agree with Joe. It just all depends.

10 minutes seems like a MINIMUM time. But, for example, if you want to do Agent P’s adventures, you will need roughly 30 minutes in those countries. If you want to eat, you’ll need to add time for those. Sometimes it is fun just to look around at all the details and the shops. The films definitely add time, particularly if you have to wait for the next show time, etc. Then there are rides (in Mexico and Norway, and very soon, France).


This is highly subjective. WS holds very little interest for my family. I encourage you to get the Unofficial Guide and or poke around online and especially look at photos to see how intriguing it is for your travel group.

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It’s difficult to know really who will enjoy what! But we all love travelling so I’m hoping the boys will be pretty engaged in everything they see see, hear and smell! I did think 10 minutes sounded fairly short. I’ve accounted for the boat ride in Mexico, we don’t have a FPP for Frozen that day, it’s showing as a 40 minute wait which I doubt they’ll want to do but we do have a FPP for it early evening before Illuminations for our 2nd Epcot day. Also accounted for the films, was more interested in how long people spend just walking around the pavilions.

We’ve planned an earlyish lunch (EMH morning so I know they’ll be hungry!) at Sunshine Seasons but we might get some Flower and Garden booth snacks as we walk round.

I’m starting to get that feeling! I’ve looked at lots of youtube videos and I think I’d like looking around the shops and eating (and drinking!) but was just curious on how long other spend.

Which countries is Agent P in? Do you have to complete it all in one afternoon or can you spread it over a couple of visits?

Whatever you do, PLEASE give consideration to the street shows. Their times are listed.
Sergio (Italy)
Seveur Amusant (France)
Chinese Acrobats (China)

Are my faves, but there are more. The boys might be enthralled with those. It might keep them “interested” if they are not otherwise. I’d suggest trying to plang your pavillion visits to coincide with a street show you’d like, if possible.


That’s a great tip, thanks so much! The French one wasn’t an option to add as an attraction to my TP but I’ve made a note of it. It looks like the acrobats start a bit later so we might save them 'til our second late afternoon/ evening visit.

I’m getting so excited about this now :grin:

Mexico, Germany, France, Japan, China, UK - these are locations of Agent P

Agent P is a must do. The kids really love it (as do the adults!). Never have time to do them all, so pick 1. Mexico is great because it is mostly indoors. They are all terrific, tho.


Agree with this. Our last Disney trip, all the kids (and myself) enjoyed doing Agent P: ages were DS6, DD12, DS13, and DS19 (not to mention dad…me). Not only is the Agent P thing fun, it does make you start to notice things you might otherwise have ignored.


We schedule two Epcot days a trip and do 1/2 of the WS each day. We love it! Kids ages 8-17 this trip but we’ve always loved it. I don’t plan a certain number of minutes per pavilion. I just give us about 3-4 hours for half of the pavilions (Canada, UK, France, Morocco, Japan one day; Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, America on the other). I note times of shows/performers we might want to see and we just do what we want–shopping, wandering, Agent P at least once per day, snacking, watching shows, stopping for a drink, meeting a character. It’s one of my favorite parts of the trip. We see what we are interested in without trying to see everything.

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Note that there are several excellent meet and greets in WS, so if your kids are into that (and you may not discover they like it until you are on property!), take note of those as well. They are mostly princesses, but the princesses love it when the boys come visit, too :slight_smile:

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That sounds a great way of doing things :smiley: We have two days there but the plan is to do a day starting with EMH and just keep going as long as everyone wants, - I don’t want to push it too much if they’re getting hot and tired. We’ve got a second visit planned which will include staying for Illuminations, I’ve booked FPs starting later afternoon so we can always arrive earlier and do any bits of WS we’ve missed or want to revisit. We also might end up in WS after our DHS day as the food in Epcot sounds really interesting and it might make more sense to eat there than back at our resort.

I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to afford to come back to Orlando so there is a real temptation to try to do everything! Or everything that we’re interested in anyway :joy:

The more I think about it the more Agent P sounds like a great idea - I think the 10yo in particular will really like it. Do you all play together on one device or put it on multiple smartphones?

For rides/attractions, I get it. With World Showcase, if you miss the China shops or the Canada movie, you’ll be ok. :slight_smile: We try to do everything as we have 6 people and someone probably likes everything but that’s why I enjoy WS so much I think–no rush to do everything. It’s nice to wander and wait in lots of food/drink lines. There are also scavenger hunts for the countries if you go during a festival (which is almost all the days!).

We usually have a couple devices and team up. Your kids are old enough to be able to listen to the story, tips, and instructions but it’s not as fun to do it “alone” as the app will send you around the pavilion to find stuff not necessarily in the same order. Agent P is great. You really get to take in a pavilion and explore the nooks and crannies as the whole mission is within a single country. Pick the one you want to explore most and try it. When you are done, you can then select another pavilion for another mission or stop. We all love it (my 17 yo may be too cool this time but we’ll see).

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You’re absolutely right I’ve no idea how keen on characters they’ll be, - they constantly surprise me! We’re doing a brunch at Tusker House which I was hoping would “cover” characters so we don’t have to spend ages queuing in the sun.

But then the youngest started telling me he really wanted to meet Baymax. And then he discovered that Joy and Sadness were there. Then he said Chip and Dale were his favourites (I have NEVER been aware of him watching/ liking them before, even years ago :joy:) This morning he was talking about the live action Mulan film and how he really likes the animated version and wants to meet her! So it’s very possible that once they get there they will be keen to meet the odd princess. But they also have zero patience so I think much will depend on how hot it is and how long they’ll need to queue…

Something I didn’t really take into account when my family went to WS last year was how much time we would spend waiting in line. None of the lines were long by any means but you are in a line again and again for snacks, drinks, treats, shopping… It’s not really a big deal but definitely something to keep in mind when planning your TP.

There is just SO much to see. I find it very difficult to plan my WS day. Doing 1/2 at a time is very good advice. I may have to go back and redo my own Epcot days. Hmm…

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