World Showcase Question

I know that WS doesn’t open until 11. That said, does that just mean that the attractions and shops aren’t open or do they keep you out of that area until 11? I would like to take pictures of some of the areas without many people in them and I think this would be the best way to do so.

They keep you out of the area.

How do people staying at the Yacht and Beach Clubs get in?

People from the Baordwalk area enter through International Gateway. Anyone can walk through WS and go to the bakery in France (it opens at 9:00). All the booths, stores and attractions are closed but the walkway is open.

Are you referring to Les Halles @PrincipalTinker? I was hoping to have lunch there.

Yes, it opens at 9:00.

People from the IG are channeled in past Canada to FW. As mentioned, the bakery in France is also open.

So everything is closed - and you can not go over to France or any of the contries in that direction. You do walk through England and Canada. Nothing is open - but you walk through those contries

You can go into France. The bakery n the back of France is open, and starts serving food at 9:00. When going through the United Kingdom and Canada you are basically just walking on the main walkway but you can stop for photos of the outside buildings if you wanted.

Seriously??? France was blocked off when I went through (or so I thought). The bakery is awesome - I would have LOVED to have gotten something for breakfast there.

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