World of Color

If you get a fast pass where do you sit?

If you do the dessert party where do you sit?

There are no seats for WOC (but I don’t know about the desert party). There are specific areas for people with dining packages, the FPs fill in the other areas. I’ve seen maps posted, but I don’t have one handy. I always do a dining package…

I read somewhere the dessert party is seated, high-top tables I believe. Not sure where these are exactly, though.

Any other section, FP or otherwise, is standing only. Dining-package FP are near the middle of the viewing area.

Non-dining FP: Yellow FP is off to one side, Blue FP is on the other side.

No FP: You can stand back behind the FP areas but this section is very small and there is a pathway in between with people constantly going past. Really not a great view.

Edited to Add:
Link to observations
Yelp review with photos

Dessert is seated at progressively raised tables, so one in your way. They are near the back in front of VIP section. which is just left of center (as you’re looking at the water) near Blue section. I have NEVER felt dining package was worth it unless you were planning on eating there anyway and liked the WOC selection. You still have to stand, still need to get there early (despite what the restaurant CM’s may tell you) to have no one in your way, and is expensive. If you need to sit the dessert package is the way to go. You can watch this video review of it