World of Color - Yellow viewing area

Hi. Are there any tips on how to secure a virtual queue reservation for the yellow viewing area for the first show (9pm) on Wednesday July 13 2022. Not sure if date and time has any relevance :wink:


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Just be ready to book right at noon on the day of your trip. It shouldn’t be too tough to get relative to other BGs, but don’t snooze on the noon drop!

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We haven’t yet tried out the VQ for World of Color but I do hear it goes fast. So definitely don’t snooze on it. As far as the yellow specific viewing area, I don’t believe you have any control over that when getting a VQ for it, but the only other section is blue. And not matter what, if you get a railing spot, you’ll have a great view.

My personal preference is the blue, but yellow isn’t bad and if that’s what I got, I would just try to make sure I got there early enough to get a railing spot (I’m short & “watching” World of Color behind other people means mainly listening and if I’m going to do that, I’d just as rather be positioned somewehre else along the lagoon with less people crammed in & around me and with me spending the time doing a ride or two vs. camping out for the show).

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Thanks for the info. Fingers crossed for a railing spot.