World Class VIP Tours - any info?

My SIL is using a World Class VIP tour today in MK and they rode 9 rides before noon. I feel like that’s completely accomplish-able with a good touring plan. But I’m wondering how World Class VIP is doing it. Their website does not say that they have extra FPP or anything like that.

Has anyone used them and do you think they’re worth it? I’m wondering if it’s just someone who uses the Lines app, haha!

What does your SIL say? Were they tapping in and out using their own magic bands, or were they given new ones to use after a few rides?

Even if SIL doesn’t understand the ins and outs, she should be able to answer those questions!

Would be interesting to know. Also which rides did they do?

I don’t know anything yet. I’m just seeing stuff on instagram. She writes for a pretty big mom blog in the charlotte area and I bet they are partnering together. But still! I will find out more info!

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I did send them a quote request for my trip just to get some more information. They sent a pretty long email, but below is the meat:

•The first and most important is that we arrive 30-40 minutes prior to park opening in an effort to enter the park before the masses. This is mandatory for each of our tours.
•Next, you will be visiting several attractions with little to no wait time based on a strategic ride pattern and your private guide’s knowledge in each park.
•Last, our scheduling team will have booked your 3 fast passes in advance for early in the day, with the knowledge that once redeemed, we can book an unlimited amount of extra fast passes.

So, it looks to me like they’re not doing anything nefarious (at least they’re not advertising it)…just a lot of planning. It is $175/hour for up to 9 people for a min of 6 hours. So at least it’s a good bit cheaper than Disney’s VIP tours.

I would be interested if they are switching off any MBs.

Lol, I have taken people on trips that haven’t been in years. The response is usually, “wow, going with you is so different .”


That’s kind of what I’m thinking this is. Having someone super familiar taking you around the park and knowing when to go where.

Liners could do this for extra cash on the side!


This sounds like a very expensive Touring Plan


Oh yeah. But I was just saying to my husband that depending on how much my time is worth…and how much time I spend on planning…

It’s a good thing I like planning :grin:


This is the thing.

I have encouraged friends to sign up for touringplans and have then created plans for them (under their subscription). Fun for me, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more affordable for them.


Would love to hear her whole experience!!

Just from what you said it didn’t seem to be worth the money… they only did two rides an hour plus one additional ride. I hope that number didn’t include the three fastpasses!!

So far they are having a great time. I guess you’re right about the rides per hour, but they were also there on an CL8 day and their past experiences were a lot of lines. I thought it was pretty good and they were happy, without having to put any time ahead of the trip into planning.

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