Working out hopping touring plan


We are a family of 4 (Mum, Dad & 2 Teen Daughters 15 & 17)

I am having a hard time trying to sort out a plan to make the best of our time at WDW.
We are arriving 26 Sept and staying at POFQ for 10 nights before transferring to Royal Pacific to do Universal etc.

I have purchased hopper tickets plus water park.

I am wanting to start my day at the EMH park to take advantage of the shorter lines early. I will stay the morning and into early afternoon at this first park before returning back to hotel for a bit of rest and swim.

Later in the afternoon, I am wanting to hop to a different park (as I hear that the park that offers EMH are the most busy, therefore I don’t want to return there)… Research has suggested that I book my FPP in the second park of the day as it would be busier in the afternoon/evening…

My problem is that Halloween events will be taking place and I am not sure how to manage this. I am getting very confused trying to work out which parks will have EMH and Halloween events etc. We will not necessarily want to purchase extra tickets for these events… so probably need to avoid parks that have Halloween events. How do I make a hopper plan (with 2 parks visited each day). Hope this all makes sense :slight_smile: Thank you.

When we visited earlier in September (no Halloween events going on) we park hopped each day. I just created two different touring plans for each day. We would start in one park for the morning, and then go back to the hotel. Our evening park was usually a different park, including dinner and had its own touring plan. And, I decided to get FPP at the parks where we wanted them the most. This normally meant at the Magic Kingdom as my kids love 7DMT. We would just get to the other parks early enough to ride with out the FPP for our favorites.

If you want to avoid Halloween events with tickets, I think the only one is at the Magic Kingdom. Just look for the schedule for the park, and avoid visiting that park past 4pm on the day of the event.

I hope this helps a little.

Thank you for replying. I didn’t realise that I can make additional plans per day, so now that I understand that, it will make it easier. :smile: