Woot! Woot! CG dinner ressie snagged!

Been stalking the dining reservations since booking our Feb trip a few weeks ago in hopes of snagging a perfect CG reservation for dinner. Just scored a table at 1935 with fireworks scheduled at 2000!

Hoping DH will be on board. We had Citricos and I had to drop it because of overlapping time but there are plenty of other Citricos reservations available on our date around our preferred time so I can switch it back if he isn’t keen on it. I’ll check with him in a short bit.



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Yay! Love love love that res finder!

The res finder was me, in this case :wink: But you can love me, too.



Hooray for you!!!

DH took a gander at the menu and we are a GO for CG!

With fireworks at 8 we’ll just about have time for a drink before dinner before it begins!


Some day I want to be at CG for fireworks. I’m excited for you!

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Yay! I got one for fireworks time using the reservation finder too! Jan 31.

It actually took longer for that one than BOG (but that was for lunch).

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Yay!! We did CG dinner on our last trip and it was phenomenal (also phenomenal was leaving the kids with a babysitter and having dinner just the two of us!!). We had a 7:30 reservation on a MVMCP night so fireworks were at 10. We found a table in the bar area for a drink while waiting for our table, and when the waiter came to tell us our table was ready he was like, honestly, you’ll be happier sitting here and you can get whatever you want off the menu here, so would you like to just stay here? And then the couple at the table in front of us by the window left just a bit later so we were able to move over there! It was fantastic, all of it, and we actually ended up watching the fireworks from our table with dessert since our view was so great!

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Go you!!! whoo hoo!