Wooo my reservation went through!


Woke up this morning to an email saying “We can’t wait to see you!” Trip expenses just dropped to near zero.

I’m wondering if I should purchase a dining plan so I can use all the snack credits at the FG Festival. It’ll be $210 bucks, for the QS plan. (And if I remember right, you can convert a QS meals into 3 snack credits). Thoughts?

The last time I didn’t really get a lot at the FG, and I think this might give me more peace of mind to do such a thing.


But if you don’t buy a DP you can get one of the cards on a plastic curly thing loaded with cash. You can have fun choosing which card. :slight_smile:


Yay! Congrats! Where were you waitlisted? I think the dining plan is a good value if you are eating at food booths. You can use your two snacks a day and trade in 1 QS meal for 3 snacks at one booth.


true, but i only really collected them for my mom so she could wear it (easy keepsake she could keep looking at, and she liked the flowers that were on them last year). I don’t really have a use for them at all.


Yeah I’m thinking with my BOG breakfasts, usual meal intake, and the snackage, I could easily put the QS one to good use. I’ll have to run some numbers.

Is there an App for F&G like there is for the F&W Festival?


It is the same app! You go into Events and change it. Right now it is Fedtival of the Arts.


Yay! Love positive waitlist stories! :slight_smile:


what’s the app? (sorry I feel like I know this…)


wdw food & wine - it is available here:



thanks! :slight_smile:


What does the app do?


it gives you each booth’s location and menu with prices. It’ll allow you to better plan what booths to hit and how much money you’ll be out…er… saving…:stuck_out_tongue: