Wooo my reservation went through!


Woke up this morning to an email saying “We can’t wait to see you!” Trip expenses just dropped to near zero.

I’m wondering if I should purchase a dining plan so I can use all the snack credits at the FG Festival. It’ll be $210 bucks, for the QS plan. (And if I remember right, you can convert a QS meals into 3 snack credits). Thoughts?

The last time I didn’t really get a lot at the FG, and I think this might give me more peace of mind to do such a thing.


But if you don’t buy a DP you can get one of the cards on a plastic curly thing loaded with cash. You can have fun choosing which card. :slight_smile:


Yay! Congrats! Where were you waitlisted? I think the dining plan is a good value if you are eating at food booths. You can use your two snacks a day and trade in 1 QS meal for 3 snacks at one booth.


true, but i only really collected them for my mom so she could wear it (easy keepsake she could keep looking at, and she liked the flowers that were on them last year). I don’t really have a use for them at all.


Yeah I’m thinking with my BOG breakfasts, usual meal intake, and the snackage, I could easily put the QS one to good use. I’ll have to run some numbers.

Is there an App for F&G like there is for the F&W Festival?


It is the same app! You go into Events and change it. Right now it is Fedtival of the Arts.


Yay! Love positive waitlist stories! :slight_smile:


what’s the app? (sorry I feel like I know this…)


wdw food & wine - it is available here:



thanks! :slight_smile: