Wookie Cookie Cups: The Dude abides

Wookiee Cookie Cups | Disney Eats

A friend recommended filling these little beauties with blue-dyed white russians. Plain milk? This aggression will not stand, man!


Cute…but a lot of work and a steady hand…Can’t be drinking a White Russian in the process.


For my husband’s 40th in November we are having a “May the Forties be with You!” party. These may be on the menu now!


No way, man. They sure as Sam West wouldn’t be very popular at the bowling alley.

Good luck! They’re too fiddly for my skills. I’ll be interested to hear how you do.

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So I did actually make some for my husband’s birthday in November '19, but my daughter deleted all the pictures on my phone before I could post them. Thankfully my son wanted a Star Wars theme this year and I got to make more!

ETA - sorry for the crappy picture quality!!