Woohoo, work restarts on the Star Wars Resort!

Article in Blog Mickey has photos of painting work starting.

And there have been “notices of commencement” filed for installation of sets.



Is there any projected timeline for opening on this? Or did that kind of go out the window with Covid?
I thought maybe in the past it was expected for 2021.

That was the original timeline, although exactly when in 2021 is unknown. All opening dates are pushed back at least 4 months. I think they are trying to get Rat open for the end of this year, but they are hampered by all the expertise in operations being in Paris.

I don’t see them taking any bookings for this until things are stable at least. I’d guess spring/summer 2022 is the earliest opening date now. But that’s speculation.

I’m not sure they will wait until things are “stable” but surely things will be delayed. I think it they were going to wait on bookings, then they’d probably just wait on construction altogether.