Woody's Roundup BBQ Disappointment

Had high hopes…here are some of the issues we faced:

  1. Food was fine. BBQ was good, sides were fine (mac and cheese was really not good)
  2. Not good choices for kids. Asked if they had an uncrustable or anything else and was told, “nope, sorry, that is all we have.” Would have been fine if our 5yo would have eaten the mac and cheese, but he didn’t even like it.
  3. Service. There were some servers really into the theme and looked like everyone was having a great time with their server. Ours was awful. He did not participate in any of the fun things and did not encourage us to participate either. It was all very surreal. We did not let that hold us back and the kids still enjoyed the atmosphere.

Bottom line is that this is not a great restaurant for kids that might be a little picky even though it is geared towards kids. Please, be aware…


After eating there twice, I would agree. The mac and cheese was not good. And the corn was so overly seasoned that one of us could eat it. I would add that the adult drinks are awful.
We did have great servers but we were seated 45 minutes late.


I would really love if they partnered with Kraft or Annie’s and served just plain Mac and cheese everywhere. I would pay $5 for it because I know my kid would eat it


Chicken nuggets and kraft mac and cheese would solve all my dining problems. The pickiest kid would be content with a uncrustable just something a picky kid would be happy with.


None of the things on the menu would appeal to my kid. So its a big NO from us for ever going there.


I love restaurants that just serve universal kid foods. Few and far between. Thanks for the heads up I have one picky eater and she prob wouldn’t touch anything there.


I’m the picky eater in the group, and it doesn’t appeal to me either. Considering I’m the one paying and it would be adult cost, I’m not going to pay for things I won’t eat myself i.e. apps, majority of the sides. It’s also why we aren’t doing BoG or Storybook.


I’m also for the lack of a better word, cheap.
I’m not going to spend $35 for a buffet kids plate where my kid eats 3 bites of food.
Exception: Liberty tree tavern, where she will actually eat the turkey, potatoes and Mac n cheese.

I will however pay for what she will eat:
Last trip we tried steakhouse 71 and she ate every bite of her 4oz filet and sides. Worth the price for a full tummy!


I’ll try most Disney restaurants once. I’m a picky eater (ie only meat I’ll eat is chicken & Turkey) - and I can’t eat a lot. So things like a buffet are lost on me, but I’ll always go once so the others in my party can enjoy it. ( I also bring baggies :joy:)

Even though I did not love my entree, I loved Storybook overall and I’m happy I went.

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We did Woody’s in early May and really enjoyed it, although we didn’t have any kids in our party. Our server really played the part and added to the environment. Our only downside was service was fairly slow - our server said it was heavily due to the new allergen process - which sounded fairly tedious in the paperwork, but that was our only complaint. And it was probably exacerbated as we were pushing LL’s and wondering if we’d manage to hit our ILL and LL’s - all ended up well, although Rise being down (shocker I know) helped solve our timing issues (we did get a refund on Rise & a bonus LL to Remy for that evening).

Overall, we’d happily do Woody’s again - it’s probably in the every other trip type bucket rather than a try to do every trip, but if you like BBQ, it is definitely worth a try.

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This. Round up wasn’t open yet when we were last there, but in general if a place is serving mac and cheese that’s geared to kids, just go with the box stuff. It’s what most of them want.


I think it is a great Adult restaurant and might go back on an adult only trip. Just not for the littles.

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How ironic is that? From all of the reviews I have seen, I would agree with you – the price is really high for a family. But it looks like a place that should be for whole families.

It looks like it should be a character meal, honestly.


Sure - and then they could jack up the prices by another $20-25 for the same food.

But … characters! I actually don’t know that they’d jack it up that much. I would feel better about the price if I got one on one time with Woody and Bulls eye!

Since they’re new, they aren’t offering discounts either. Our waitress was guesstimating next year before they joined the AP discount, etc. Was kind of surprised it was going to be that long potentially.

Characters would be a nice/simple addition it would seem.

Aside from the menu, there are two ways to keep us away. One, Prix fixe menu. Two, characters. So, I guess we’re out!

We will get BBQ at Polite Pig or Flametree.


I am not a fan of prix fixe in general, but it’s more palatable to me with characters. I then feel like I’m buying an experience. I guess technically Woody’s roundup is an experience, but it would be a better one with characters.