Woo Hoo! Fastpasses Booked!

Okay, up bright and early to book those fastpasses at 7 am. Got everything I wanted (including FOP on two days). My one Epcot day is a bit of a mess since we’re not arriving until 4 pm and I could not fit 3 fastpasses in before our 7 pm dinner. We may just end up not using the 3rd one. AK worked perfectly on our afternoon only day (60+5). Our full AK day (60+4) wasn’t quite as perfect. FOP was only available for evening. Because of our 5:25 ADR at Tusker House, I scheduled it for 6:35-7:35. Hopefully we’ll be out of TH in plenty of time. We really don’t care about meeting the characters, just wanted the location and the ROL tickets.

Thanks everyone for all of your help!


Awesome! I love hearing what FPP people were able to get-helps me to manage my expectations, :joy: We are doing AK on day one (and day 7), and I’m just assuming we won’t get FOP and preparing the family for that. Trying to decide if we’ll RD it or not on that day.
But, all that to say, congratulations!

What are fastpasses? Are they expensive? Can’t I just show up at the parks and decide what to ride then? Seems a lot easier.



The sarcasm is strong with this one!

It’s my way of dealing with a stressful day. When I was watching WDW special episodes of tv shows yesterday that’s what they all did. Roseanne and the Connors ran to the hub but then didn’t go anywhere. They looked at the map and tried to decide what to do. No proper rope-dropping strategy at all!

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You probably don’t care about our Epcot and MK fastpasses since we are doing late starts there and pretty much everything was available.

For HS (60+3) we got TSMM at 9:20, RNRC at 10:40 and TOT at 12:00. It is a morning EMH day and we hope to hit everything outside TSL before 9 am. We didn’t want SDD or AS2.

For AK (60+4) we got KS at 9:55, EE at 11:00 and FOP at 6:35. Morning EMH as well and we want to rope drop NRJ and then hit Dinoland. Tusker House ADR at 5:25 which necessitated the later choice for FOP. Could have selected about an hour earlier but no morning or afternoon times available.

Second AK day (60+5) is only an afternoon drop in before 7 pm dinner at Sanaa. Got exactly what I wanted: EE at 1:45, KS at 2:55 and FOP at 4:05. There were earlier times available for FOP but I didn’t look too closely because I wanted 4 pm.

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We go to Epcot for F&W frequently enough that I feel like that’s home. Other than the top tier rides, the rest of the FPP are kinda throw away. I feel like I know how to do what we want to do there.
MK is another story. DD was 4 when we last took her and refused to go on any rides. This time, she’ll be 10, so it’ll be a totally different trip. Trying to figure our what she’ll enjoy and what will scare her is a guessing game!