Wonder out of San Diego

We have only ever cruised out of Port Canaveral but decided to change things up and try a west coast cruise. Would love some tips on how to get from airport to hotel, hotel to port, and back again. What hotels do you like? What do you do day of/day after? Would love your feedback and suggestions - thank you!

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I love podcasts and DCL podcast has talked about sailing from San Diego a few times recently . I believe there are hotels within walking distance of the port?

This is a delayed response but if you look at WDWInfo.com or Touringplans.com (with subscription) and also Mousesavers.com they all give suggestions on accommodations and travel to port for San Diego. One thing to note is that you can technically stay in Anaheim (ie, Disneyland hotels) and still make it to port in time for departure - it’s about a 3 hour drive.

However you could stay at literally any hotel in San Diego and be within a quick drive to the port. There are a few in walking distance as well. I’ve never used the port myself but I picked up some friends there once and there was a parking lot nearby that I waited at. I stayed at a hotel nearby that was pretty old and not recently refurbished. That seems to be a common theme in the area around the port so unless you find a better recommendation, I’d say stay further away and take a Taxi, ride share, shuttle, etc. or park at the port (assuming that is an option - I never did overnight parking).