Wolfgang Puck Express Permanently Closed

I am feeling this loss tonight. Going to WPE was a tradition that started on my first trip to wdw. It was one of the few places I ate with my mom.

It is really silly to feel this sad about this closure, but tonight I am going to be very sad about this.


Oh man.
We had such a great meal there on our last day - following the suggestion YOU offered me on my last day. This makes me sad, too, because we felt so happy that day eating out at DS.


This makes me sad too.

We enjoyed going here!!

This was our first meal will all 7 of us last year. The food and the service were great.

I never went but I suggested it to my parents when they went with my sister’s family a few years ago and they all raved about it. They only did QS and I think they felt it was quite a step above the others.


This is disappointing. It was always good food, and one of my favorites. :disappointed:

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It was great and a great use of a QS credit.

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