Wolfgang Puck Express - No longer on QS Dining Plan?

We are headed to DW in a week and a half! My favorite dining place has been Wolfgang Puck Express, especially when we have the QS Dining Plan and have planned our visits accordingly. I just made a copy of participating restaurants, and I was SO disappointed to see it no longer listed as a participant. Is this true?? So many forums still refer to it as a great use of a QS credit. Can someone confirm its days as a participating QS restaurant are over?

Where do you see that? I see it listed when I look here:

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I hope it still is! I love WP!!!
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Thank you!!

It is not listed in Disney’s listing of participating restaurants.

Am I missing the Disney Springs or Epcot TS restaurants on this list?

This says it is subject to change.The Disney website (link I provided) has it listed on the QS plan under the section “some dining plans accepted”. Edited to add: that link only shows up on my iPad- not iPhone!

Just took this screen shot from the MDE app.

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Well I’m so happy to see other resources refer to WP as a participating restaurant!! We love it and and it’s a great value for our QS credits! I sure panicked when I saw it missing from Disney’s participant listing.

Did you find that PDF on the Disney site? I thought there was an issue with them creating at document this year and for a long time there was just the link to all restaurants.

Yes, I found it on the DW website. Going under dining and the dining plans. There is a link to participating restaurants.