WL room types for Room Finder Request

I need to request a Nature View room for WL, but they now have a Nature Fireworks View category. Do I just request what is currently listed in the Room Finder as Nature? I guess Disney will put me wherever they want to anyway!

Maybe list your criteria, and then say “it sounds like XXXX would be great, or perhaps YYYY or ZZZZ”.

This would give you a stretch goal of XXXX for the fireworks category but also give you a closer-to-booked request in the others?

Did you book a Nature Fireworks View room or just Nature View?

Sorry, but I am going to hijack this a bit. I looked up Nature View, One King bed. It shows one room at the whole resort. Anyone know if this is correct?

I booked a Nature view but I’m not sure which rooms are now considered Nature Fireworks View.

I posted about this a few months ago. At the time, TP had not updated their room finder to show the Nature Fireworks View category. They said they were working on it!

I wonder if they consider the rooms that are open to the lobby as nature view and the rooms farther out in the wing as Fireworks view?

Len had said at the time about Nature Fireworks View “My guess is that these are even-numbered, northwest-facing rooms in the main building, probably floors 5 and up: X006 through X066.”