WL room choice and renovation update

I was wondering if anyone has visited recently or has any recent news of the renovation?

We are going to WL in April and we’re not sure what rooms to request. I know the south wing is currently shut so its north wing only. We’re going to request floor 6 towards the lake end, as this seems to be recommended. Although we’ve paid for a courtyard view I’m not sure if its worth asking for a magic kingdom view instead. Will the villas underneath these rooms be finished by April? Looking at videos from October they looked like they were progressing well. Struggling to weigh up the view of the construction but being able to see wishes.

Does anyone have any favourite rooms?

Also, on the hotel map, towards to end of the 6th floor nearest the lake, there is a gap between the 4 rooms facing the lake and all the others. Does anyone know if this gap is a window or balcony or similar where you would stand to watch the fireworks or is it just a wall?

Thanks experts!

I am staying at WL next month starting on the 24th. I received an email telling me that Roaring Fork will be closed during my visit but that the new Geyser Bar and Grill will be open. I do not know if that helps you in Lansing how the contruction is moving throughout the resort?

Thanks. That’s interesting to know. Would be great if you could give us an update once you’ve been. Thanks again

I will post lots of pictures while I am there!

I just returned 2 days ago. I don’t think the villas will be done in time for next month. They were framed out but you could see through them from one side to the other. I was in room 4048 and while it looked out over construction, I could see Cinderella’s Castle and the fireworks!

Hi. Hope you’ve arrived safely at WL. Looking forward to hearing all about it :smile:

I am at AK right now but will be there this afternoon!

Hope you’re having a fabulous time

I am! My son’s girlfriend has never been to the world as an adult and it is fun being with someone experiencing so many things for he first time!

I will take pictures tomorrow. Where is the gap you are looking at? If I stand on the dock and take a picture of the wing?

Thanks so much. There were two things I was wondering about.

The first was how the work was progressing with the villas that sort of face the contemporary / mk, which the north wing overlooks.

The second was whether you could watch the fireworks a space between two rooms in the north wing. For example between 5000 and 5004 on the fifth floor (although there seems to be the same gap on every floor)

It really is very kind of you to look. I’m glad you’re having a lovely time with your family. I first experienced WDW as an adult and it was amazing so I’m sure your sons girlfiebd is loving it.

Someone also mentioned the roaring forks renovation work is very noisy. Is it very disruptive to the courtyard area?

I am staying CL so last night we watched the DVC FWs from a balcony off the club. This morning I was talking to the CM that told me about that balcony and she said there is an area off the obey that has a view of the FWs and they pipe in the music. I will ask her where exactly that is if I see her again.

Roaring Forks is shut down. They are also working on the outside area across from Roaring Forks. They have the Windows all whited out so you cannot see the work, and walls/screens blocking construction. There may be a little noise but not at night and right now I am sitting in the room and I can here activity at the pool, but not construction.

We are running behind today. On son’s girlfriend saw Indiana Jones on DME and is asking us to get that in today! If I don’t get the picture today, I will post them in the morning. From what I saw yesterday and today those villas look complete on the outside at least?

Did you see this DFB review on the new Geyser Point Bar and Grill ? We were there twice yesterday and it is really fun!

Some pictures from last night (wifi was not working for me)

Looking across from our room

View of hallway across from a closed Roaring Fork

Night time view into the rooms (same section in the day time picture ). Do you see kitchens?

Thank you again! They definitely look like kitchens don’t they. The new bar and grill looks great. Hope you’re having another fantastic day

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