WL club level vs. WL Courtyard without CL

What are the benefits to Club Level at WL? Right now have courtyard view with 2 queens. There are some CL rooms for not that much more. Just wondering what the benefits are?

I haven’t stayed at the WL club but I have stayed at others. Benefits: breakfast items,snacks in the afternoon, appetizers around dinner time and cordials/desserts later. Usually, beer/wine and other beverages are available either in the lounge or on request… Staff will assist you in makng dining/recreation reservations as well as arrange tickets for shows.

Wow! For “not much more” I’d try CL, for the perks - food plus “extra help” from your concierge in arranging things, plus maybe faster check in at special desk? (Although WL check in has been super fast for us.)

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We stayed in WL club level rooms October 2014. The perks were that the club level staff handled all of our ADRs (and got everything we wanted), they will help you once you are there with any changes, FP+ things and the like, they have DVDs that you can take for free to watch…generally they dote on you a good bit - you know - schmooze you. The food in the lounge is good and will save you from having to worry about breakfast. They have wine and beer out for a few hours in the evenings. I just took my resort mug in there and filled it with wine. I did find that the WL club lounge was more strict on closing times. Stayed at BC club level in 2011 and they never closed the lounge (despite having hours posted and times they were supposed to close it) and at the BC one particular CM was on duty every evening. He was from NYC and we hit it off with him quickly - nice guy! Anyway - he gave hubby and I a bottle (or two) of wine every evening when we came in late and they’d taken the wine/beer out of the lounge. The staff at WL club level were great - but not THAT great.
This October we are staying at POFQ - I will miss just walking to the lounge for coffee every morning - and we’ll have to take us some breakfast type food for the hotel room (along with a full size coffee pot)…but oh well.
I’d say go to club level if you really found some steal on price and want them to take care of ADRs for you and if you want to take advantage of the snacks and drinks it provides.

Thanks @KeegMom! We are booked courtyard view WL. Other places I’ve considered switching too besides CL WL would be BC (more $$) or AoA lion king suite for space and slightly more $. What keeps me at WL is proximity to MK and boat to MK.
Any thoughts appreciated!

The boat ride to the MK from the WL is a huge selling point for that resort. We loved the boat ride. It was never a long wait and the dock is the closest transportation gate as you leave the MK - nice when you are dead tired! The BC has the best pool on property - shares it with Yacht Club but it was not crowded when we were at it and that was the week of July 4th on that trip. If you really will spend time at the pool - BC might be better CL rooms or not. If you will be at the MK a lot - WL. If you stay at WL this time - go eat at Cape Mays in the BC and scope it out to possibly stay there next time. Just a thought.

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