WL Club Level Bunk Beds?

We’re Baaaaack (well, we will be in June)! We’re staying club level at Wilderness Lodge this time and wondering if anyone can suggest room numbers that have bunk beds in them?

Using this link and selecting by room type, I do not see an option for “Club Level” that has bunk beds, only Queen beds.


Yup, I saw the same when I checked them all out, but my TA (and when I called WL to double check), assured me it was an option. I’m hoping someone has been there in a CL to confirm a room number to request.

Maybe ask @len He’s the man with the info around here…

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Funny, sometimes the bunk beds is in the notes. I noticed that in AKL views.

We got the room info from Disney. It’s possible stuff has changed since then, so please let me know what room you end up with, and what’s in it.

From my best attempts at online research (the most reliable form of research :expressionless:) , the only Club Level room with bunks that I have found is 7055 - confirmed by two people on other boards who actually stayed there. I’m hoping there are more… Thanks for jumping in with this… Side note: after many trips to/from school and practices over the past 3 months, the kids and I have completely caught up with Disney Dish - we all love it! Thank you (and Jim) for all the hard work and research!

so did you get to stay in a club level room with a bunk? How many beds etc? What was the room number? Eager to find out please :slight_smile:

Just for info here, might be useful.

Because half the rooms being taken over by the Copper Creek DVC part of the resort, they have apparently changed the way CL works at WL. Although there are still some actual CL rooms, near the lounge, you can also upgrade at the front desk from any room to CL for a fixed fee per night, per room. I think it might be $99.

That depends on availability, and it can’t be done in advance. But when you check in you can ask if you can upgrade.

I don’t know if the person asked the question wrong but there was a report last week was that they could do this for an outrageous amount of money. I want to say $1000 a night? All I could figure was that the only availably was one of the suites?

:open_mouth: Maybe there was a cabin free?! For that kind of money I’d be expecting a personal valet at my beck and call.

Wow, I think there must have been only suites left or something. I know I’ve seen reports fairly recently over on the DIS of successful upgrades.

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That’s what I figured too! It was crazy!

This was for our trip in Aug of 17. We actually ended up not staying CL at WL, we went for a TP view at the Contemporary. Totally worth every penny!